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TV-Cap: New GAME OF THRONES Teaser Hints at Death

We’re looking both forward and backwards in today’s TV-Cap. There’s a creepy teaser for the next season of Game of Thrones, a mini-retrospective on Gravity Falls, the theme song for the rebooted Powerpuff Girls, and a video of the Friends cast talking about old times—yay nostalgia! Sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy:

Looking Back. Game of Thrones isn’t exactly known for keeping people alive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite–no one is safe. A new teaser for season six visits the deaths of main characters from the past via the Hall of Faces in the depths of the House of Black and White. It then hints that we’ll lose another key face in the episodes ahead. Argh. April 24 is too far away. [Nerdist]

Going Gilmore. With a return to Stars Hollow on the way, it seemed like a fine time to rewatch the magic that is Gilmore Girls. We’re taking an abbreviated approach since there are seven seasons of the series and going episode by episode would take forever. Read my supercaffeinated recap of the first part of season one right this way and please join me in rewatching the series!

New and Peppy. Remember how The Powerpuff Girls are returning on Cartoon Network this spring? The new series means a catchy reimagined theme song performed by none other than Tacocat–I’m not making that name up. “Who’s Got the Power?” asks… well, you can figure that out. What do you think about the new ditty? [Deadline]

A Goodbye. Monday night saw Gravity Falls come to a close after a 40 episode run. Series creator Alex Hirsch made the call to end the animated show and wrap it up on his own terms. He talked with Variety about the experience of making the quirky cartoon, and in the above video, Hirsch is joined by a host of voice actors talking about their work on Gravity Falls. [Variety]

A Beautiful Nothing. AMC’s Better Call Saul isn’t exactly a series driven by action. It’s about the slow and juicy build, and the season two premiere emphasized that by being intriguing without having any huge events. Read Michael’s recap of “Switch” and let us know what you thought about the episode.

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A Scary Countenance. Silver Banshee is headed to Supergirl, and it looks like the villain is going to make an appearance in The Flash/Supergirl crossover. A photo from the set posted by Imgur user pixster shows Grant Gustin in the foreground with Italia Ricci’s costumed Silver Banshee sitting in the back. She looks spooky even at this distance and angle. [Comic Book Resources, Image: pixster]

Unfinished Work. Hell’s Kitchen is still a hot mess, and a lengthy trailer for season two of Daredevil shows The Punisher is both contributing to the problem and helping. Frank Castle is taking on a vigilante role like Matt Murdock, but he has a different philosophy–a more brutal one involving serious weaponry. The footage in the trailer shows conflict ahead between Murdock and Castle, and Elektra makes an appearance towards the end. Daredevil’s second season will arrive on Netflix on March 18. [Nerdist]

Questionable Decisions. Monday’s installment of The X-Files revival brought two young FBI agents into the picture–Einstein and Miller–and made some interesting story decisions. And by interesting, I mean not so great. Read Michael’s thoughts on “Babylon.”

Together Again. NBC’s Must See TV: An All Star Tribute to James Burrows is already a winner because it’s brought most of the Friends cast together to discuss the series in the context of honoring director James Burrow. A new clip shows five out the six core cast reminiscing and sharing anecdotes, which is really all I need from the special. It’s scheduled to air on February 21. [TVLine]

Death is part of Game of Thrones. Who do you think we’ll lose in season six? Share your predictions in the comments.


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