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TV-Cap: New GAME OF THRONES Synopses Are Here

Happy Monday, and all that jazz! I know that sound I heard yesterday evening was many of you shaking your fist at the Three-Eyed Raven, asking for five more minutes with everyone at the Tower of Joy. Just let Bran stay, dude. Read more about Game of Thrones in today’s TV-Cap, along with some news about American Gods recasting, some thoughts on Laurel Lance from Arrow star Stephen Amell, and more.

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for recent episodes of Arrow.

Not Happening. Stephen Amell is appearing on an upcoming episode of Larry King Now on Ora TV (where you can watch a few clips), and they’re teasing the full interview (which will drop on May 27) with some talk about Laurel Lance. The Arrow star says he does know Laurel’s last words to Oliver but they won’t be revealed anytime soon and she is not coming back. I remain skeptical. [Comic Book Resources, Image: The CW]

About the Students. The two competitive high school administrators trying to move up in HBO’s Vice Principals need to dial it back and focus on the kids. That’s what Bill Murray—the former principal—tells them in this new teaser. I can’t believe we have to wait until July 17 for this series. [Nerdist]

What Can We Say? The descriptions of upcoming episodes for Game of Thrones have never been what I would call lengthy, but this season, they’re hilariously brief. But on the upshot, it lets us run with theories and thoughts, and we have those in spades. Alicia breaks down the synopses for the next two episodes, “Book of the Stranger” and “The Door,” right here at Nerdist.

We Don’t Have All Day. Is there anything worse than a slow resurrection? Saturday Night Live parodied the return of Jon Snow on Saturday, and no one has patience. [Nerdist]

Dragon-ish? Ready to take a deep dive into the physiology of the dragons on Game of Thrones? Sarah Keartes has you covered. She explored the topic and realized Dany’s babies are actually wyverns. Mother of Wyverns doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Read about what she discovered here at Nerdist.

Home Sweet Home. Con Man has found a new home on Comic-Con HQ, a streaming service launching soon from Comic-Con International and Lionsgate. The web series created by Alan Tudyk and executive produced by Nathan Fillion made a lot of dollars via crowdfunding and debuted last fall. Comic-Con HQ will be the exclusive place to find the existing series of the show this summer. [Deadline]

Catch a Beat. Who doesn’t love breakfast? This Breaking Bad rap from the clever group at Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken is all about the best meal of the day… And now I’m hungry. [Nerdist]

A Different Leprechaun. Quick American Gods casting update: Sean Harris had to leave the Starz series for personal reasons, so the role of Mad Sweeney is being recast. [TVLine]

Montage! Sunday’s Game of Thrones had a montage, so we’re going to as well. Our montage involves recaps of fabulous TV from the weekend. Read Alicia’s recaps of Game of Thrones and Outlander and Joseph’s recap of Fear the Walking Dead.

What are your thoughts on season six of Game of Thrones so far? Do you think Arrow will have some sort of Jon Snow-like twist for Laurel Lance? Talk to me in the comments.

Featured Image: HBO

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