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Happy Friday, TV-Cappers! Aren’t you excited to hear about today’s totally tubular television offerings? Well we’ve got heaps, lemme tell ya — just piles and piles and piles of stuff, from some of your absolute favorite shows. We’re not even yanking any chains here, we swear. We’ve got new photos from the season three set of Orphan Black, as well as images from across the not-so-narrow sea of the folks filming Game of Thrones in Spain. And as if that weren’t enough, we’ve also got a bevy of new photos from Saturday (a/k/a tomorrow)’s new Doctor Who, and more than a few tantalizing tidbits about American Horror StoryFreak Show AAAAAND the gone-but-not-forgotten Murder House. I mean, it’s just bananagrams what’s happening her folks. Absolutely bonkers.

You’re going to want to read on. So just do it already!

Orphan Black Returns: I mean, it’s not out on television yet or anything (we wish!), but the third season of everyone’s favorite clone drama has begun production (oh my goodness) in Toronto. And it seems as though the cast and crew are equally as excited to be back in the evolutionary biologic saddle, so to speak. In fact they were all tweeting up a storm of photos from the set, including the two adorable ones below (and the photo of the very be-purpled Hendrixes above). Ugh cutest cast on television? We think so!



But That’s Not All!: (She proclaims in her announcer voice.) The cast and crew also sported a lotta purple for #SpiritDay yesterday. [Nerdist]

Doctor Who‘s Gonna Flatline: Who knows why the Doctor turned his TARDIS very tiny? *taps nose* Who knows! But these new photos from Saturday’s upcoming “Flatline” episode look to be quite the odd little adventure, what with the separation of Clara and Twelve. Also this photo of Peter Capaldi trying to get out of a moderately-tiny TARDIS is pretty, pretty great. Also if this doesn’t become a very hilarious set of Russian Nesting Dolls I’m going to be VERY, VERY UPSET, INTERNET. So I mean, c’mon, get on that. More are at the link which is what we call this thing right here ——> [BBC]

It’s ¡Juego de Tronos! Now: …See what I did there? I made a language joke — because who doesn’t like a lil upside-down exclamation point action, ya dig? Anywho, the Westerosi posse has made their way to Spain to film season five of Game of Thrones and the ever-present fandom has stalked their prey all the way to Osuna. Spoiler Alert: it involves a Khaleesi! More photos at the link. [Winter Is Coming]

Also!: We’re getting flashbacks during season five. Intrigued? Then click the clicky thing! [Nerdist]

More American Horror Story News Than You Could Shake a Stick At: I mean that very seriously, too. AHS has proven itself to be a respectable slow build this season. Far more restrained than your average Ryan Murphy fare. To which we say: bravo, sir! But before we get to the Freak Show — did you know that Neil Patrick Harris and his husband were originally supposed to play the unhappy married gay ghouls from Murder House? It’s true! [Entertainment Weekly]

OK, now onto this season. First up there’s a new trailer for next week, which shows the arrival of Wes Bentley’s Edward Mordrake, which is very exciting. Any time Wes Bentley shows up in anything I’m generally on board:

And then there are the teases and tidbits about this upcoming season. For instance: did you know that Denis O’Hare is set to play “a guy with a 13-inch penis”? And that he and Emma Roberts play con artists? And, and, and, aaaaaand! Did you know next week is the start of a two-part Halloween extravaganza on the series? It’s true! The mastermind of the madness himself dives deep into a lot of this season in his interview with EW. [Entertainment Weekly]

And Before We Forget: Here’s Clarke’s recap of Wednesday’s episode itself. [Nerdist]

Just Because: Here’s Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt talking it out through the art of breakdancing because the world just wants you to be happy, OK? [Vulture]

So — what other so-called freaks do you think we’ll see on AHS? Let us hear your theories in the comments.

Images: BBC


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