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Hello and happy Tuesday, TV obsessives! Have we got TV-Cap chockablock with tid ol’ bitties for you! We’ve got new teasers from Broad City — including a poster on the Better Call Saul front — the key art from Looking, the return of Yoda to Star Wars Rebels (sorta!), and so much more. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Saul Comes Clean: As Better Call Saul‘s premiere season inches ever closer, the AMC show is rolling out some seriously Breaking Bad-esque teaser-y material ahead of its February 8th premiere. First up? A teaser trailer that features a car wash and OH MY GOD IT HAS TO BE Walt’s, right? I mean he’s not the owner, yet (this is a prequel, folks), but he worked there. Like, forever! If the car wash becomes a thing we’re all going to be sitting there waiting for some serious Walt Wandering easter eggs. There’s also a poster if you’re into that sort of thing, just saying. (It’s below the teaser.)

Christina Hendricks is a Roadie: If ANYONE can whip some rock ‘n’ rollers into shape, it’s definitely Joan Holloway. [Nerdist]

Bro City: Broad City isn’t all about the ladies, folks. No, no, no: there are hella hunkadoos coming our way on the upcoming second season of Comedy Central’s greatest gift (true story). Some come on over and get your oogle on, LADIES! Boys don’t get to have all the fun in ridiculous pool scenes. [Vulture]

Cicely Tyson to Get Murderous: Not literally. I mean, Cicely Tyson is an angelic force of wonder and one of heaven’s supreme divas — she only murders acting parts, not humans. The actress has been tapped for some über-mysterious one-episode guest starring role (allegedly with the potential for more since the article says “at least” one) on How to Get Away with Murder. Who do we think she’ll be? Annalise Keating’s mom? That’s my guess but that’s also like, my dream so, you know. [Entertainment Weekly]

Gracepoint Canceled: So let’s all go to Broadchurch. [Nerdist]

Don’t Keep Looking: You don’t have to, we mean. Because the teaser poster key art for HBO’s Looking is right HERE! How’s that for service-y?
Looking 2 Poster

Frank Oz Heads to Star Wars Rebels: Be on the show, he will. Yoda, we mean. Lend his voice to Star Wars Rebels Frank Oz will. Teach Kanan and Ezra through their minds he will. Disembodied though he may be, young Jedis he will train. First hear him on Monday, January 5th you will. [TV Guide]

Galavant Wants to Rock: We were already looking forward to checking out Galavant, but now? With the news that Sebastian Bach has penned a song for the second episode? And that it will play while Galavant fights JOHN FREAKIN’ STAMOS Oh, we’re more than ready for this cavalcade of musi-comedy. [TVLine]

Bang Bang All Over Ty Burrell: Get it, get it? (It also works if you’re a fan of the Jessie J song.) Look at these sweet new first looks at Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s new season.

Moff on Clara: Kyle asked Steven Moffat about Clara’s trajectory on this season of Doctor Who if you’re curious! (Of course you are.)[Nerdist]

How excited are you for Better Call Saul, right? How many Breaking Bad easter eggs do we think we’ll encounter? Let us know in the comments.

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