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TV-Cap: MR. ROBOT Season 2 Key Art, GOTHAM Recasting Poison Ivy, and More

Do you realize the season two premiere of Mr. Robot is only a month away? And yet it’s still not soon enough. You can feed your excitement by taking a gander at key art from season two in today’s TV-Cap, along with learning about a couple of Game of Thrones theories that could still play out, finding out about Gotham recasting a villainous role, and more.

Forget What You Know. If you watched season one of Mr. Robot, you know things went all sorts of sideways in the finale. And if we’re lucky, season two is probably going to keep running with that and blowing all our minds when the show returns to USA on July 13. New key art reminds us, “Control is an illusion.” It was true in Jurassic Park, so… [Deadline, Images: USA]

Youthful Adventures. Netflix has picked up an animated series from Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. Big Mouth will run for 10 episodes and will follow the adventures of two teenagers—teenage versions of Nick and John themselves—throughout puberty. Netflix’s vice president of original content Cindy Holland said, “There are few things that keep me up at night…Nick Kroll’s adventures in puberty is one of them, so we greenlit this series with very few questions asked.” Clearly. [Slashfilm]

Crazier Things… The past two episodes of Game of Thrones have been on the sleepier side compared to the rest of the season, and some events have shot down a couple of popular fan theories involving the Cleganes and Lady Stoneheart. But what could still happen? Dan and Kyle break it all down in Nerdist News. Obviously, that means Game of Thrones spoilers. [Nerdist]

Getting with the Times. Remember the Doctor Who spinoff that’s coming our way? Titled Class, the series will feature a LGBT lead. Series writer Patrick Ness said as much on Twitter after the tragedy in Orlando, adding, “We were keeping that secret, but today that secret doesn’t seem very important.” [Comic Book Resources]

Aging Up. Poison Ivy has appeared here and there in Fox’s Gotham, but things are changing for season three; the role is growing. Poison Ivy will be a series regular, and they’re recasting Clare Foley since Poison Ivy will now be in her late teens. With that large of a role, I’m guessing we’ll see some of Ivy’s eco-terrorism in action. [TVLine]

Engage! Ready to pilot a ship in the Star Trek universe? Ubisoft wants to help you with that life goal with Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The virtual reality game puts players to work as a crew on the ship Aegis. Star Trek alums Karl Urban, Jeri Ryan, and LeVar Burton put it to the test in the above video. [Nerdist]

So It Begins. Starz has started production for The White Princess, the follow-up to The White Queen. The eight episode season will offer more betrayal, power, love, and death. And they’ve announced all the casting too! Jacob Collins-Levy will play Henry VII, Jodie Comer will be play Princess Elizabeth, Essie Davis will play the Dowager Queen Elizabeth, mother of the princess. [Image: Starz]

So. Serious. The campaign for the Emmy Awards is on, and TBS has made a “for your consideration” spot for Angie Tribeca. The video sees Rashida Jones get very intense about the importance of the role and comedy series. [Deadline]

Commitment. Becoming a White Walker isn’t a simple matter. The costumes crafted for Game of Thrones undead are detailed and so is the makeup. Scott Ian visited the show for Bloodworks to find out just how hard it is to become an Other… and he didn’t even have to die to complete the transformation. Bonus: the video includes some rad talk about “Hardhome.” [Nerdist]

How do you feel about the casting news? Do you like the new key art for Mr. Robot? Tell me your thoughts about everything in the comments.

Featured Image: USA Network

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