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TV-Cap: Mr. Feeny Returns to GIRL MEETS WORLD, Grodd Attacks in New THE FLASH Photos, and More

Sometimes I gripe about how we never let go of the past when it comes to television and movies, but I can’t deny feeling joy when I read sentences about Mr. Feeny appearing in the Boy Meets World spinoff. It’s just not something my much younger self ever expected to happen, and as it turns out, the siren call of nostalgia is a strong one. I get similar feelings when I think about the fact that we’re going to see The Flash face off against Grodd. Read more about Girl Meets World and The Flash in today’s TV-Cap and keep your eyes peeled for Orange is the New Black Season 3 key art, news about an unauthorized Full House TV movie, and more.

Going Bananas. It’s time for a guerrilla attack on The Flash. Wait, make that gorilla. They’ve been teasing Grodd on and off this season, but he’ll make his presence fully known in “Grodd Returns,” airing on May 5. CBR has a couple of exclusive images from the episode, and given my traumatic experience reading Michael Crichton’s Congo, I’m feeling nervous. [CBR]

Because Why Not? As you’ve probably heard, Netflix is moving forward with a sequel to Full House called Fuller House. Yep. Lifetime’s not letting the tide slip away; they’re developing The Unauthorized Full House Story (that’s the working title). The tell-all made for television movie will focus on the cast, the making of the show, and the real lives of those involved. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Second Generation. If you think you had a weird high school experience, imagine attending class alongside the sons and daughters of Disney’s villains. That’s happening in the upcoming Disney Channel original movie Descendants except the children of villains are joining the children of Disney’s heroes at a prep school. The trailer convinces me of one thing: The costumes are going to be fantastic. [Nerdist]

Fighting Stance. Season 3 of Arrow is almost over. With only a few episodes remaining, The CW is all about promotion and they’ve released a stylized poster featuring Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary. [CBR]

A Happy Wedding? Something crazy happened on Game of Thrones on Sunday. Something that possibly hasn’t happened before on the series. But, it’s a spoiler so as long as you have watched “High Sparrow,” go read Alicia’s recap of the episode and learn about the big event and all the latest happenings in Westeros.

Saints of Litchfield. Do you need to stock a different kind of altar? Then consider bowing down to the ladies of Litchfield. New key art for Season 3 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black features the queens of the penitentiary on saint candles, and if Netflix doesn’t turn these into actual products people can buy, I will be so disappointed. Orange is the New Black returns on June 12. [Give Me My Remote]

Intensity to the Max. Saturday’s Outlander revealed another, darker side of what happened with Jamie Fraser and Black Jack Randall. I don’t want to give away spoilers so let’s just say it was intense and adds a lot more context to their antagonistic relationship. Alicia spoke with Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Tobias Menzies (Black Jack) about the latest turn of events. Read the interview here at Nerdist.

Feeny? Fa-fa-fa-fa-feeny! Why have a single premiere night when you can have a whole premiere week? Disney Channel’s making that bold move with Season 2 of Girl Meets World. The Boy Meets World spinoff will be back on May 11 and each night that week will have a new episode. And guess who’s coming back? Mr. Feeny (William Daniels). Eric Matthews (Will Friedle). Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong). My teenage self is freaking losing it right now.

What’s in a Brain? You know how you’re dating someone and things are going well and you decide to take them to the morgue to run a few tests? No? OK, maybe that’s only on iZombie. A clip from tonight’s episode shows Liv is taking Lowell to see Ravi for some run of the mill zombie tests. Watch it at TV Insider.

Are you excited to see Grodd go full ape? Scroll to the comments and let me know!

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