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It’s a sad day, television obsessives, as we’ve lost a trailblazer-y icon of our own in Joan Rivers. But still we must carry on. Maybe even make a few jokes: it’s what she would’ve wanted. So it is with that in mind that we carry on with the Thursday Nerdist TV-Cap, filled to the brim with news and other doings.

The Freak Show Gets Freakier: What is Ryan Murphy trying to do? Kill us all? Ensure a lifetime of anxiety and unnecessary fear for an entire generation? Give everyone an entire season’s worth of nightterrors? The latest batch of teasers for the upcoming installment of American Horror Story may just be the worst (best) yet, and that’s really saying something all things considered.



So MUCH GOODNESS: There’s a bevy of new details (including a trailer and a major casting) where The CW’s Arrow is concerned so just go ahead and click the thing: [Nerdist]

Give Me the Goat!: There’s a bunch of new Outlander photos for Saturday’s episode out on the Internet, and even this new teaser clip. [Oh No They Didn’t]

Well, This Is Just Weird: Ja Rule (remember him?) is going to get a docu-reality-series on MTV about his family, produced by Queen Latifah. It’s called Follow The Rules because of course it is. So, yeah, that’s a thing. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Another Sneak Peek at The Walking Dead: Man oh man is season five of The Walking Dead looking to be a particularly tense one, eh? At least that’s the sense we’re getting from all these new images that are debuting. Like this one of Daryl. Sneaky, sneaky Daryl. [Entertainment Weekly]


There Are 13 Nights of Halloween This Year: From October 19th thru the 31st you can get your All Hallow’s Eve on with a slate of programming chockablock with your spookiest favorites thanks to ABC Family. Some highlights include the network television premieres of Dark Shadows and ParaNorman. It’s in its 16th year, so some of you must be watching! [Broadway World]

Jingle, Jangle Justin: You know what’s great? The confirmation that I’m not the only pervert out there who noticed the veracity with which Justin Theroux’s undercarriage business flopped about during his jogging scenes on The Leftovers. See, you guys?! It’s not all bleak ruminations on the state of humanity and the meaning of life. Also great? Any excuse to talk about Justin Theroux. [Team COCO]

Live TV That’s Actually Live?: Well here’s an incredibly novel idea from the past turned new again: Sean Hayes wants to produce a scripted comedy that is totally live every week. As in the series will be performed and air live each week, including the commercials during the breaks. OoOoOoooh really? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Love on the Rocks: The will-they-won’t-they might be over on New Girl, folks!


Supernatural Silliness: Amy’s post on the best geeky aliases on Supernatural is, well, super so DO THE CLICKY THING: [Nerdist]

New Game of Thrones Images! New Game of Thrones Images!: Oh my goodness, OK. If you don’t want to be spoiled than skip this blurb completely because we’re going to geek out for a second: look at everyone in Braavos! Look at ’em! Arya’s there, and so is Mace Tyrell, and even Tycho Nestoris (a.k.a. Mark Gatiss)! Be them paparazzi and/or fan photos is no matter: look at all that Essosian goodness! We’re so excited we could just spit. We won’t post them here for fear of upsetting anyone, but click over at the link to explore them yourselves because OH MAH GAWD GAME OF THRONES! [Watchers On The Wall]

So — who else is sleeping with both eyes open now thanks to those AHS trailers? Let us know in the comments!

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