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TV-Cap: Max von Sydow Cast in GAME OF THRONES, New FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Promo, & More

Game of Thrones is dominating the news cycle this week by dropping some impressive names for Season 6. How long can they keep this up? Who will they get next? I’m on the edge of my Iron Throne (I really do wish I had an Iron Throne).

Keep reading today’s TV-Cap to find out about Max von Sydow’s role in Westeros, to see teasers for Fear the Walking Dead and Gotham, to learn who will be playing Hawkman in Legends of Tomorrow, and more.

Lights Out. Los Angeles is such a highly populated and brightly lit town that it never really gets dark. So, the prospect of all the lights going out is a scary one. A new promo for Fear the Walking Dead shows a time lapse of the outbreak taking over the city. L.A. goes dark, and then it burns–you know, sort of like what happens after major sporting events. [/Film]

The Raven Returns? Game of Thrones isn’t screwing around with casting for Season 6. We recently learned Ian McShane has a role in the upcoming season, and another familiar powerhouse will appear, too. Max von Sydow has come on board for a trip to Westeros. He’s reportedly playing the Three-Eyed Raven. The character is Bran’s mentor, and like Bran, hasn’t been seen since the Season 4 finale. Struan Rodger played the Three-Eyed Raven in that episode, but von Sydow will be taking over. [Nerdist]

Making a Switch. The pilot for Cameron Crow’s Roadies, a music-centric and hour-long comedy for Showtime, has recast its leading lady. The character that was going to be played by Christina Hendricks has been changed, so the producers chose to find someone else. Carla Gugino will play Shelli instead. Shelli is the production manager of the band that the series follows. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hooked On a Feeling. Finally! A recently released promo for Marvel’s animated Guardians of the Galaxy is what I’ve been waiting for. It captures the spirit and fun of the film and not just because “Hooked on a Feeling” plays in the background. Will you be tuning into the show when it premieres on September 26th? [Entertainment Weekly]

Spread Your Wings. The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow is practically overflowing with superheroes and villains, but there’s always room for more, right? Right. Hawkman will appear in the series, and Falk Hentschel has been cast as the winged hero. Yes, he’ll also show up on The Flash and Arrow. I’m looking forward to seeing the costume design. [Nerdist]

Have Some Roles. If you’re an Adam Busch fan, you’ll be happy to hear that he’s appearing in two series this fall. He’s landed recurring arcs in Season 2 of Empire–he’ll play Chase One, which is one of the best names in the history of ever–and in Season 1 of Colony. In Colony, he’ll play a science teacher named Owen. [Deadline]

Villains in Charge. Fox really seems to be putting the emphasis on the villains for Season 2 of Gotham. I have mixed feelings about that, but then again, I have mixed feelings about Gotham. A fresh teaser emphasizes that the lunatics will run the asylum and shows glimpses of The Joker (assuming he is The Joker) and Tigress. [Comic Book Resources]

Off With His… Role? I know Sleepy Hollow is essentially undergoing what the corporate world would call “restructuring” for Season 3, but there are a lot of casting changes I didn’t expect. Case in point: no more Headless Horseman. Showrunner Clifton Campbell told TV Guide there’s a new big bad in town and “a new framework and a new set of rules for the mythology.” Hmm. [TV Fanatic]

Monsters Among Us. What if your neighbor was literally a monster? That’s a very real possibility in a pilot called Monstropolis. ABC has picked up the pilot from writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Saw IV and V) and producer Aaron Kaplan. In the world of Monstropolis, monsters are real and live alongside humans. But, someone starts killing the monsters and a “disgraced” detective is assigned to stop the murderer. Given that Monstropolis is a named city in Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., I’m not sure that the tentative title will stick. [Deadline]

A Trip to Nowhere. Fox’s comedy The Last Man on Earth comes back with Season 2 on September 27th, and Carol (Kristen Schaal) and Phil (Will Forte) are on a journey. The duo took off at the end of Season 1 for life on the road, and the first official poster for the upcoming season features them looking pleased about being out and wandering. Plus hey, Phil has a beard again. [TVLine]

Comedy > Language. As Ursula the Sea Witch once said, it’s all about body language. A new sketch from Key & Peele called “Severed Head Warriors” isn’t completely without sound, but it does emphasize how words can be overrated and comedy can trump all. [Nerdist]

Are you worried that Sleepy Hollow is going too far with changes for Season 3? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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