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TV-Cap: Marvel’s CLOAK AND DAGGER to Be Uncovered on Freeform

You’ve survived another week. Your reward? Hopefully some quality time with your DVR over the weekend, but until then, how about some television news? Read today’s TV-Cap to learn about Cloak and Dagger getting picked up at Freeform, to find out which shows Fox has renewed, to see photos from the Gilmore Girl revival, and more.

Right to Series. ABC’s Freeform has become the home for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. They’ve given the show about the teen characters Cloak and Dagger a straight-to-series order–even though there’s not a writer or showrunner in place. The comic dates back to the early ’80s. Are you pumped to see this comic brought to television? [Nerdist]

These Girls. Finally! We have some fancy official pictures of Netflix’s continuation of the Gilmore Girls thanks to Entertainment Weekly. The magazine dropped by the set for an upcoming cover story and shared photos showing what appears to be Rory’s profession, the status of Luke and Lorelai, and a few more tidbits. My heart might explode all over Stars Hollow when the revival airs. [Nerdist, Images: Netflix]

Come Back Again. Fox has renewed two series for its 2016-2017 season: Lucifer and Rosewood. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Well, Then. Freeform isn’t being idle on the making announcements front. In addition to the Cloak and Dagger get, they’ve revealed they’re remaking the British sci-fi comedy Misfits. It originally aired in 2009, and like Cloak and Dagger, it stars teenagers. These teens get superpowers after being caught in an electrical storm. Will Freeform become the new CW with slightly younger casts? [Comic Book Resources]

Internet Pets. Anna Camp is coming to the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and a new clip from the delightfully weird Netflix comedy shows Jane Krakowski’s Jacqueline Voorhees having a classic mean girl conversation with Camp’s Deirdre Robespierre. Deirdre is a trophy wife with a Princeton education, and as far as I can tell from this clip, she’s not someone you really want to tell any of your secrets to. Season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will arrive on April 15.

Slow Clap. The Game of Thrones season six premiere is coming on April 24, and that means it’s about time for HBO to release the episode synopsis. They have, and it’s pretty darn hilarious. Ready? “Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again.” You win all the trolling awards, HBO. Are trolling awards a thing? I guess they shouldn’t be because we don’t want to encourage such behavior, but in this case… They’ve laid it out and given nothing away. Read Alicia’s analysis of their synopsis here at Nerdist.

But Do You Really Wanna? BBC America’s Orphan Black is almost back, guys. We’re so close — season four will premiere on April 14. If you’re the impatient sort though, You can view the first four minutes of the premiere. A ton apparently happens in the footage. It might be torture for you to watch it and then have to wait six days to see the rest, so choose wisely. [Nerdist]

Thursdays Are Rad. Thursday night television is special. We have recaps for three of the coolest shows on the schedule, and you should check them out to see if you missed anything on Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, Vikings.


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