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TV-Cap: Major Revelation on THE SIMPSONS, Christopher Walken’s PETER PAN Dance, Plus Amy Poehler & Elmo

You know those days where you just don’t really want to have to worry about words and thinking and stuff? I mean, heck, isn’t that why some folks watch television to begin with, TV-Cappers? Why yes, yes it is! Which is exactly why we’ve decided to make Tuesday’s installment of the column a positively visual experience, with beaucoup videos and images for your enjoyment. And oh, how you’ll enjoy them: from Christopher Walken dancing in Peter Pan LIVE!, The Simpsons‘ major revelation, the ENTIRE second season premiere of Getting On, a laugh-happy Amy Poehler, and some LEGO-ized members of The Big Bang Theory, you’re going to want to take a peek at this. Trust.

So let’s get started!

This Hook Was Made for Walken: I admittedly tried to put this in the TV-Cap last week, but as it turned out NBC deleted the video because they’d released it a week too early. Talk about a broken heart. Thankfully all is right in the world again and you can now watch this fantastic video that involves Christopher Walken dancing with a tambourine and I mean WHAT ELSE do you need to know, kids? Huh? CLICK THE THING AND BASK IN THE GLORY of just the sort of delightful absurdity awaits us when Peter Pan LIVE! premieres on NBC next month. Hoo-boy.

The Simpsons Come Out: TWIST! Finally, The Simpsons gave us the definitive word on Kang and Kodos, the nice lesbian alien couple from outer space that are married and terrorizing Springfield. Oh yeah, didn’t you know? Well I guess we all can’t be as well-versed about the obvious sexual markers of intergalactic species but don’t worry, we’ll all get there — together! — eventually! [Entertainment Weekly]

Coach Taylor Heads to Netflix: There are new photos from the forthcoming Netflix original series, Bloodline, up on the Internets now — proof that Kyle Chandler (that guy who’s pretending he’s NOT Coach Taylor like, all the time) will be back in our lives once more. Also: Linda Cardellini! Hurry up, March. [TV Line]

More Drama for Your Mama: …If your mama has fantastic taste in television, that is! Showtime has renewed two of its very good series, The Affair and The Carrie Mathison Anxietifest also known as Homeland. As long as Joshua Jackson and Mandy Patinkin’s beard are involved, I’M involved. [The Los Angeles Times]

Amy Poehler, Queen of Everything: This bit of magic happened on Sesame Street.

Greendale Grows: Paget Brewster and Keith David are heading to Community. [Nerdist]

Look But Don’t Touch: It’s a teaser for the second season of Looking — that slice of gay, young, urban life series you may not have watched but should have if you liked interesting and quietly funny things. Remember when they were almost going to maybe cast Russell Tovey as the Doctor?

Amy Schumer: Pussy Champion: That title really says it all, doesn’t it? The Inside Amy Schumer funnylady teamed up with her producer Dan Powell to get Comedy Central to allow her to say the word pussy without it getting bleeped on TV. And it worked! Because, you know, how different is it from saying the word dick, right? LITTLE VICTORIES ARE STILL VICTORIES, folks! And for your viewing pleasure here’s the sketch that got it to happen: [Vulture]

The Big LEGO Theory: I’m guessing this Big Bang Theory LEGO set is going to be a big hit since 87 billion humans watch that show on a nightly basis (roughly). Really trying to keep this professional and not offend anyone because I’m an adult professional ladyperson so [The Hollywood Reporter]

Get On It: OK, we have to take a selfish minute and proclaim our love for HBO’s Getting On. Because, oh man, it is just so good and so funny. It’s painful, real, often quite gross and sad, but it’s so, so funny nonetheless (and often thanks to those things). Besides, Niecy Nash is fantastic. Laurie Metcalf is ferociously egomaniacal. Alex Borstein is just, well, so so many people I knew when I used to have a sad desk job. It’s all just so perfectly outrageously comical in its seeming mundanity. YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH IT, OK? The second season premiered on Sunday and — as luck would have it! — HBO has put the entire episode online for a week for free. Seriously though, you need to get into it.


Images: Netflix, Lego

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  1. Drew says:

    Kang and Kodos are sisters.

  2. AMC says:

    Why does everyone who works for the Nerdist hate The Big Bang Theory? Get over yourselves, it is a perfectly fine show that has put nerds in the spotlight.

    • Wolf-man says:

      Lets be honest. TBBT doesn’t put nerds in the spotlight, it puts a mainstream perception of nerds in the spotlight so that mainstream audiences can feel like they are “nerds” now because the watched The Avengers. Its cool to be “nerdy” nowadays and people want to know they can be with the “in” crowd, too. Geek is chic, and that show shows this in the worst way. 

      • NachoKingP says:

        I’m a nerd and I find the show to be hilarious.  So do many o my nerd friends.  If you didn’t spend so much time trying to put yourself on a soapbox championing the rights of nerds everywhere and just watched the show, you’d see that it was actually just funny.

    • Frank Bolda says:

      TBBT is lowest common denominator programming.  Just because the characters are supposed to be intelligent does not mean this is an intelligently written comedy.