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TV-Cap: Let’s Discuss Who Negan Killed on THE WALKING DEAD

If you’re among those trying to bounce back from the laziness of a long weekend, I understand your pain. We’ll make it through this Tuesday that is like a Monday in one piece though, and I’m going to start with TV-Cap. Television news was on the light side yesterday, but keep reading for some theories about Negan on The Walking Dead, the latest happenings on AMC’s Preacher, and more.

How Did It End? The Walking Dead isn’t going to be back on the air soon, but we miss it, so it’s time for a special summer update! On the latest Nerdist News, Jessica Chobot tackles the question everyone’s asking after the season six finale: Who did Negan kill? She goes over the possibilities in the above video. [Nerdist]

Dramatic Bingeing Ahead. This update is a little late for the long holiday weekend, but Netflix has two new seasons of television you should consider ingesting soon. They’ve added season two of Jane the Virgin and season one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I cannot say enough enthusiastic things about Jane the Virgin. Go binge and report back, please. [Vulture]

Is It Too Late? Game of Thrones is a series about change–characters die, nobles take thrones and get knocked off them, and people evolve. Jaime Lannister is one character that’s seen growth. He’s matured and become more independent from his sister’s machinations, but will he ever find redemption? Is that even a fitting future for the Lannister twin? Read Michael’s thoughts on the topic here at Nerdist.

Not That Chris Evans. If you’re into BBC’s Top Gear, then you probably realize which Chris Evans I’ll be talking about in a second. If you don’t watch the show, know that it isn’t the Chris Evans who plays Captain America. With that straight: Evans is leaving his role as the host of the car-centric series. [Deadline]

The Music Is Back. Adult Swim is working on new episodes of the anime series FLCL, and they’ve scored in the category of music. Japanese rock band The Pillows provided music for the initial outing of FLCL back in 2000, and they’re on board for the sequel. The next chapter of FLCL will be out in late 2017 or early 2018. [Comic Book Resources]

Celebrating the Fourth. Last Week Tonight took Monday off for Independence Day, but John Oliver released a video for the web reminding Americans what they’ve missed out on since declaring independence all those years ago. He does make good points about losing British accents and meat pies… I’m just saying. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Have an Explanation. Finally. AMC’s Preacher got to an important plot point in Sunday’s episode, “Sundowner.” Jesse learned about the power inside of him and all about the origins of Genesis. But did it make for an excellent episode? Read Joseph’s review.

Who do you think met the full force of Lucille? Share your predictions in the comments.

Featured Image: AMC

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