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TV-Cap: LEGO STAR WARS Trailer, ONCE UPON A TIME Update, and More

Did you successfully weekend this weekend? I hope you relaxed, had some brunch, or did other non-stressful things. Watching Game of Thrones always comes with a little stress for me, but it’s worth it. Keep reading today’s TV-Cap to read Alicia’s thoughts on the latest episode, to see a trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, to learn how season six of Once Upon a Time will be formatted, and more.

The Fate of the Galaxy. Disney XD will be debuting a serialized LEGO series on June 20. LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures will feature the Freemaker family—a group of scavengers who are tasked with finding the pieces of a legendary weapon called the Kyber Saber. Insert oohs and ahhs here. The first trailer, embedded above, sets up the story and tone. [Nerdist]

Scaling to TV. Kevin Smith has been working on a sequel for Mallrats for some time, and was originally planning to release the concept as a film. However, after directing an episode of The Flash and enjoying it, he’s decided to go a different route. While appearing on 93.3 WMMR’s Preston and Steve, Smith said, “We started reconfiguring the idea of doing Mallrats not as a film but as a series, and Universal and I are just about to close our deal to do Mallrats the series. Then we take it out into the world and find a home for it.” So, get ready for The Mallrats Show. [Nerdist]

Real Crime. Television networks are still planning around the relatively recent success of things like Serial, The Jinx, and Making a Murderer. For example, CBS is working on a limited scripted series about the abduction of Patty Hearst. It hasn’t been ordered to series just yet though. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Under the Sea. A new underwater musical is swimming its way to the stage: SpongeBob! The SpongeBob Musical is turning the cartoon into a live-action celebration with elaborate and colorful sets. Previews kicked off on June 7 in Chicago at Oriental Theater, and the musical could make its way to Broadway. See more photos of the production at Entertainment Weekly. [Nerdist, Image: SpongeBob Musical, John Marcus/Entertainment Weekly]

Look Around, Look Around. Hamilton is lucky to be alive right now because the musical ruled the Tony Awards. It scored top marks in 11 categories (the musical was nominated for a record 16 Tonys). You can view the complete list of winners at Deadline.

Oldie But Goodie. News on the internet may move at lightning-like speeds, but it’s always there waiting to be rediscovered. Case in point: an old interview with TV composer Jonathan Wolff is making the rounds after resurfacing. You might not know the name, but you probably know his work. Wolff composed for several TV comedies and crafted the theme for Seinfeld. He discusses composing the theme in the above interview from 1990. [Nerdist]

Back to Basics. For the past few seasons, Once Upon a Time has had different plots for the first and second half of the seasons—season A and season B. In season five, it was about Camelot and then about the Underworld. But, the format is changing. Series executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis appeared at ATX Festival and said they’re not splitting season six into two halves. Kitsis said, “This season is going to be different from past because it’s not going to be Hyde comes to town, we fight with him for 10 episodes, and then in the winter finale, he dies and we move on. We are changing around what we’re doing this year and going back to that season one mentality of small town stories and smaller arcs.” Thank. Goodness. [Entertainment Weekly]

Sing Out. Here’s a delightful experience for your Monday: Maya Rudolph and Tina Fey singing a lovely, classy medley together on Maya and Marty. [Nerdist]

In Summary. Weekend television took us to a battlefield at Prestonpans, a fight in the Riverlands, and a smaller struggle in Annville, Texas. Read our recaps of Outlander, Game of Thrones, and Preacher to get all caught up.

Are you looking forward to The Freemaker Adventures? What did you think about Sunday’s Game of Thrones? Talk to me in the comments.

Featured Image: Disney XD

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