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TV-Cap: LEGENDS OF TOMORROWS Goes to the ’70s, ORPHAN BLACK Teaser, & More

It’s been too long friends. Christmas has come and gone, and New Year’s Eve is almost here. Though the entertainment world has been somewhat quiet, I do have a mega edition of TV-Cap today to bring you up to speed on the big highlights from the last week. Take a break from relaxing or working to catch up on the latest, including a new teaser for Legends of Tomorrow, the first look at Lucifer, a promo for Season 4 of Orphan Black, and so much more.

Brawling in the ’70s. Is it time for Legends of Tomorrow to be here yet? January 21 can’t get here quickly enough. A new promo for The CW superhero/villain team-up series shows the gang in the 1970s having a grand ol’ time–Sara in particular seems to be kicking ass. I can’t wait to see more. [Comic Book Resources]

Fine, Here’s More. In case any of you are as pumped as I am about Legends of Tomorrow, enjoy a new batch of production stills and glamour shots. You can see more of ’em at Comic Book Resources.

Almost Done? Time flies. It seems like Peter Capaldi’s been around as Doctor Who’s Twelfth Doctor for a while, but it’s only been two years. And apparently, next season might mark his last year in the TARDIS. He told The Telegraph, “This could be my final year.” He cites reasons such as wanting to do other things and that he had to get surgery on his knee caused by work on the show. Three years would match the run of most of the Doctors in the modern series. [Nerdist]

Dealing with Reality. The Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead smashed ratings and made a grander entrance than some of us expected. Cliff Curtis played Travis in the series, a teacher who had to become a fighter. Our own Dan Casey spoke with Curtis about the role and about what’s ahead in Season 2; read the interview right this way.

Old Friends. Sesame Street is coming to HBO with new episodes. Yeah, that sentence still sounds weird to me, too. A trailer for the next season, returning January 16, makes it look like the show has the heart we all love. What do you think? [Nerdist]

Rebooting the Song. Netflix’s return to stories about the Tanner family in Fuller House will be a nostalgia trip in many ways–including the theme song. They’re updating “Everywhere You Look” for the show, and Carly Rae Jepsen worked on it. [Variety]

A Bizarre Fight. It looks like Bizarro-Girl is coming to Supergirl. Series executive producer Andrew Kreisberg mentioned a Bizarro character will come to the series, and Bizarro-Girl is a likely candidate. I hope that’s true, because I want to hear Melissa Benoist tackle the Bizarro-style dialogue. [TVLine]

Dialing It Back. HBO’s Game of Thrones has been repeatedly criticized for the way it portrays sexual violence. It’s a very serious topic, and the series may be making adjustments in the future to take the edge off. Jeremy Podeswa, a director on the series and the director of that Sansa Stark episode last season had some comments on the topic. Read them right here at Nerdist.

Meet the Devil. Fox’s Lucifer premieres on January 25, and it introduces a different sort of devil. A first look at the series has the actors introducing the premise and their characters, along with some clips from the show. Are you looking forward to this comic book series? [Comic Book Resources]

Going Presidential. December 30 will see the Season 7 premiere of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee on Crackle, the show in which Jerry Seinfeld and pals drive around in swanky cars drinking coffee. The season will premiere with quite the guest: President Barack Obama. I guess that’s not so shabby. [Deadline]

The Town Is Back. The continuation of Twin Peaks on Showtime isn’t airing until 2017, but it’s not too early for a nearly minute long tease. What do you make of the above, brief footage? [Nerdist]

Making the Jump. CW Seed aired an animated web series all about Vixen this year (and yes, you should watch it), and the voice actor who played the lead will be bringing the character to Arrow. Megalyn Echikunwoke will play Mari Mable in Starling City in a guest star role in the 15th episode of this season, Season 4. [Deadline]

Unexpected Return. Speaking of guest stars: Lyndsy Fonseca will return for an appearance in Season 2 of Agent Carter. Angie Martinelli isn’t making the move to Los Angeles as far as we know, but she will appear in a dream sequence towards the end of the season–a dream sequence with dancing. [Comic Book Resources]

In the Eyes. How ready are you for April 2016, Clone Club? Because that’s when Orphan Black is back, and a 15 second promo is all about Rachel’s eye. It certainly grabs your attention. [Nerdist]

What piece of TV news from the last week has you most excited? Are you doing any binging during the holiday break? Talk to me in the comments or over on Twitter.

Featured Image: The CW

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