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TV-Cap: JESSICA JONES Image Might Tease LUKE CAGE Release Date

Even though it’s 2016, most of us have spent the past two nights watching new episodes of The X-Files. Sooner or later, everything we loved in the past will come back. We just need to be patient. Today’s TV-Cap has our thoughts on The X-Files, an exclusive sneak peek for The Shannara Chronicles, a Jessica Jones image that might tell us when Luke Cage will premiere on Netflix, and much more.

Kombat on CW. CW Seed, the digital arm of The CW, launched season three of Mortal Kombat X: Machinima’s Chasing The Cup on Monday. The web series centers on five top-ranked players of Mortal Kombat. That’s cool, but what’s cooler is the finale of Chasing the Cup is coming to The CW on February 15. Is getting to air on broadcast TV the mark of web series growing up? [Deadline]

Another World. Are you ready to see another side of New York City? Because HBO’s Animals from the Duplass brothers is here to give it to you. The animated series focuses on the critters living in the big city—cats, pigeons, bedbugs, all of it. The trailer showcases the tone the show will take and reveals a long list of voice talent. Animals will premiere on February 5. [Nerdist]

A Return to Form? As mentioned, The X-Files is back. Mulder and Scully are back in the saddle, investigating weird shit (that’s my tl;dr for any X-Files episode). But are they hitting the right notes? Read Michael’s recaps of the premiere and the second episode, and then let me know what you think in the comments.

Interview Makeover. Syfy’s Face Off hosts a number of insanely talented makeup artists and artists in general, and Ve Neill is one of them. She’s worked on movies such as Galaxy Quest and Beetlejuice, and in all her free time, is a judge on Face Off. Clarke spoke with Neill about her work and especially Beetlejuice. Read the interview here at Nerdist.

Burying Something. Netflix is taking a different tactic with their promotions for season four of House of Cards. The teases are coming in short, 20-second-or-so increments. A new one shows President Frank Underwood and his Chief of Staff, Doug Stamper, breaking ground. But does it represent more than that? Perhaps it’s a symbol for Stamper doing Underwood’s dirty work. House of Cards comes back on March 4. [Deadline]

Safe or Not Safe? MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles is all about danger. Amberle’s mission has high stakes, and seemingly everyone is on her trail. An exclusive first look at the next episode (airing January 26) shows what happens when Cephalo comes back into the picture. Watch it right this way.

Ra’s Rules. John Barrowman appeared at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey recently and talked about (…well, to hint at, with a tease that hits just the right level of vagueness) Malcolm Merlyn’s, a.k.a. Ra’s al Ghul, future on Arrow. He told things are going to change drastically, referring to a huge fight coming between Oliver and Merlyn: “I’m not saying anything more, it’s a big fight, and that’s it.” [Nerdist]

They’re All Here. The second season of Fox’s Gotham has been running with the subtitle “Rise of the Villains,” but there’s change in the air. A poster for the back half of the season is all about the “Wrath of the Villains.” But which ones will be the most wrathful? We’ll have to wait until February 29 to find out. [Comic Book Resources, Image: Fox]

What’s in a File Name? The official Jessica Jones Twitter account (which, incidentally, is well worth following) shared an image on Monday that could be a clue about when Netflix’s Luke Cage will premiere. A file on the detective’s desk says “Cage – November.” Given that Jessica Jones premiered in November 2015, it makes sense for Cage to follow suit. [Uproxx]


A photo posted by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco) on

Hello, Friends. Attendees gathered to tape NBC’s tribute to television director James Burrows last Sunday, and those attendees included the casts of The Big Bang Theory and Friends. Look at almost the entire cast together in this photo shared by Kaley Cuoco! Matthew Perry is missing because he’s out of the country working on a play. Still, it’s delightful. [Vulture]

Are you planning to watch Animals? Let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments.

Featured Image: NETFLIX

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