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TV-Cap: Jenna Coleman May Be Leaving DOCTOR WHO, Stick Returns to DAREDEVIL, & More

Halloween isn’t so far away. Have you figured out your costumes, plans, treats, etc? I recommend doing what Syfy does and making the entire month of October about celebrating the holiday. Read today’s TV-Cap to learn about some highlights from Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween, to see photos from the upcoming premieres of Arrow and The Flash, to read about a rumor involving Clara Oswald leaving the TARDIS, and more.

He Returns. Season one of Daredevil saw Stick train a young Matt Murdock, but things took a turn, and last time we saw the character, he left Matt in rough shape. We don’t know who Stick’s working for, but maybe we’ll find out in season two because Scott Glenn will be reprising his role. The next season is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016. [Twitter]

Next Steps. Legendary TV and Universal’s pilot for Poor Richard’s Almanack is moving forward with some key players. Jordan Hayes (Helix) has jumped on board as the first cast member. And they’ve landed quite the director for the pilot: Neil Marshall. His resume includes Game of Thrones, Constantine, Hannibal, and other series. Read more about Poor Richard’s Almanack right this way.

Bad Fog. Stephen King’s The Mist has been adapted as a feature film, but the story is also going to morph into a television format. A TV show based on the book is in development with Dimension Television, and it has King’s blessings. Christian Torpe is penning the script, and it sounds like it will be based on the novella rather than anything done in the existing film. According to Deadline, “The series will tell an original story about a seemingly innocuous mist that seeps into a small town but contains limitless havoc. From psychological terrors to otherworldly creatures, the mist causes the town residents’ darkest demons to appear forcing them to battle the supernatural event and, more importantly, each other.” Given the range of genre shows currently airing, I don’t think the timing could be better. [/Film]

So Much Anger. The Mikaelsons share a tremendous bond, except when they don’t. Seemingly no one is happy with each other headed into Season 3 of The Originals, and when family feuds get tangled up with vampires, werewolves, and witches, well, you can imagine the consequences. An extended trailer hints at the problems ahead when the show returns on October 8, including a pesky prophecy. [Nerdist]

Immersed in Spookiness. Are you read to saturate yourself in all things Halloween? October is almost here, and for the eighth year, Syfy is marking the occasion with a month of special programming. Their 31 Days of Halloween will include films such as I Am Legend, Cabin in the Woods, and original TV movies like Night of the Wild and The Hollow. Whew. Will you be devoted enough to tune in every day? [Nerdist]

Validation. The cast for Luke Cage is coming together, and Marvel has officially confirmed some rumored casting. Simone Missick will play Misty Knight, Theo Rossi is Shades, Frank Whaley is Rafael Scarfe, and Rosario Dawson will reprise the role of Claire Temple. [Deadline]

Suiting Up. Arrow returns on October 7, and the first episode, titled “Green Arrow,” will see the introduction of Damien Darhk and all sorts of superhero costumes. Photos from the episode show off a new lair, Oliver getting back into action, and Thea looking like a total badass. See more photos from the premiere episode at ComicsAlliance.

A Goodbye? It may be time for the Impossible Girl to move on. It was rumored Jenna Coleman would be leaving Doctor Who before the Twelfth Doctor appeared, and now it’s on the table again. This time the report began with a Facebook post that may or may not be from a fake account. Clara’s been with the Doctor for a while, and it does seem like we’re due for change after Season 9, but we’ll have to wait and see if the BBC issues a statement to confirm or deny the rumor. [Nerdist]

Not Negan. A familiar face is reportedly joining the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead: Xander Berkeley. The actor has apparently signed a long-term deal for a recurring role, but we don’t know what that role involves except that it’s likely not Negan. Blair thinks Berkeley could be playing Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop Colony. Who do you think he’s portraying? [Nerdist]

It’s a Party. Three weeks until The Flash returns to The CW with its season two premiere. Yes, it will be here in a hurry. “The Man Who Saved Central City” features a celebration honoring Barry Allen and all he’s done for the city, and photos from the episode show the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Ronnie Raymond, Dr. Martin Stein, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Harrison Wells, and Atom-Smasher. Barry has his work cut out for him. Speed over to Comic Book Resources to see more pics.

Are you ready to see a new companion in the TARDIS? If Coleman leaves, what type of character would you like to see in the role next? Let me know in the comments.

Editor’s note: Nerdist Industries is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Networks.

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