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TV-Cap: HBO Heads to WESTWORLD, PARKS AND RECREATION’s Final Season Deets, & Tom Hardy’s American TV Debut

There’s so much to see and know in the small screen world today, folks. Probably because living. Or reasons or whatever — or because we lived an entire second in a single year, or vice versa (I don’t know I’m taking a page from the Jaden and Willow Smith Guide to Life). Accordingly, today’s TV-Cap has lots of stuff — from a tease for HBO’s Westworld, to tidbits about Parks and Recreation‘s final season — and even some delicious news about Tom Hardy’s latest project — giving you plenty to sink your teeth into. Because living.

Let’s get to it!

What is This I Don’t Even: Well goodness gracious Glinda McGillicutty! This is some spooky stuff. A brand-new, all glitched out (on purpose) Vine from HBO — revealing our first-ever look at their straight-to-series new show, Westworld — is the sort of thing that seems primed and ready to give us nightmares. The Jonathan “Christopher’s Brother” Nolan televised take on the 1973 science fiction western-thriller, written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton, has an incredibly impressive cast — Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton — and is said to be “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.” See what we said about the spooky stuff before?

Jack the Ripper Returns: Alan Moore’s From Hell is getting the TV treatment over at FX. [Nerdist]

Bill Eichner to Yell Ferociously at Hulu Viewers: No, his fantastic Fuse series, Billy on the Street, isn’t heading to the streaming service — but his new show with Julie Klausner, Difficult People, sure is! The Amy Poehler-produced new show (originally slated as a pilot order at the USA Network) got a full series order from Hulu and will be a Larry David-esque look at two friends who relate almost exclusively through popular culture, zeitgeisty things. I mean, hopefully there will still be a lot of yelling, just maybe less of it will cost you $1. [Variety]

Another Day, Another Remake of a British Thing: HOW ABOUT INSTEAD, FOX, YOU STOP TRYING TO CRAMP THE BBC’S STYLE AND JUST AIR LUTHER HERE? Idris Elba, folks. IDRIS. [Nerdist]

The Banshee Has Three Sides: If you judge season three of Cinemax’s Banshee by the first 30 seconds of its brand new trailer, you’d probably think it was all about tattoos and guns. If you judged it by the second 30 seconds, you’d think it was about even more guns and a lot of blood told through a series of some very unsettling jump-cuts. And if you based your thoughts on the series entirely on the final thirty seconds, you’d probably figure Banshee was about crazy, lawless fighting, big flames, and a heck of a lot of torture. So, you know, it’s going to be real light and easy fare when the series returns on January 9th! Yup, totally nice and simple and low-key business. This is a show about quiet stories, clearly.

Parks and Recreation Creator Talks Series’ Final Season: I know, I hate it, too. But sometimes you have to let the things you love leave you if you really love them at all. Such is the case for the upcoming, abbreviated season of NBC’s best comedy, Parks and Recreation. The lucky jerks (we kid) over at TVLine got to spend some time on the set and chatted up the series’ creator Michael Schur and learned a few things about what that — spoiler alert? — time jump means for the show’s end and whether or not we’ll get more Jean-Ralphio (obviously the answer is yes). [TVLine]

The Universe Wants Us to Be Happy: Tom Hardy is going to star on a television show in America. It’s called Taboo. It’s set in 1813 and was created based on an original story Hardy wrote (!!) with his father (!!!), Chips (!!!!) Hardy. We’re very excited but too busy daydreaming about Tom Hardy to really write anything more than this. [Deadline]

Benedict Cumberbatch Strikes Again: Goddamn this charming man. Watch him try to get Jimmy Fallon to say “booty.” [Nerdist]

So, how excited are you for the return of Parks and Rec? Thoughts on Westworld? Leave ’em in the comments!

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  1. Coyotecloudchaser says:

    I know you’re trying to be cool at the Nerdist, but the TV-Cap above is more incomprehensible than usual. 

  2. ReelGoddess says:

    Tom Hardy’s dad’s name is Chips? That makes him even more bad ass.

    As for Fox…..they just need to stop. YOU CAN’T IMPROVE UPON IDRIS, FOX.  YOU JUST CAN’T!