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TV-Cap: Harrison Ford Joins Disneyland Special and New LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Poster

You’ve got Harrison Ford in place to appear on the upcoming ABC special about the Star Wars additions to Disneyland? Well played, Disney, well played. Both Ford and Star Wars will help attract viewers. More on that in today’s TV-Cap, along with a heroic new Legends of Tomorrow poster, a look at The Originals and Vampire Diaries crossover, a Bates Motel season four poster, and more.

Showing Off. We all need a splashy image of heroes and villains in an epic pose to start our Thursdays properly, right? Luckily, The CW has us covered with a new poster for Legends of Tomorrow. They’re poised to “fight for the future.” The next episode of Legends airs on January 28. [Comic Book Resources, Image: The CW]

Too Much TV? As someone with a job tied to television, I often feel as though there are too many series currently airing to possibly keep up with. I couldn’t watch everything even if I wanted to. A list compiled by FX with all the primetime series airing in 2015 makes me realize my feelings aren’t unfounded. It includes 1,400 shows! An impressive 412 of those are scripted. View the entire list at The Hollywood Reporter and then go hug your TiVo.

A New Threat. Oliver Queen and company didn’t have enough to deal with in Star City with Damien Darhk. No, they needed more trouble, and it arrived in the most recent episode of Arrow. The latest threat is tied to Diggle and Andy’s past. Catch up on all of it in Sydney’s recap of “A.W.O.L.”

Clutch Those Pearls. Bates Motel will return to A&E with its fourth season on March 7, and Norman Bates is slipping further from reality. A new poster shows him wearing Norma’s pearls and looking creepy as hell. [TV Fanatic, Image: A&E]

Touchy Tempers. Star Wars Rebels explored Sabine’s Mandalorian connections on Wednesday. She and Kanan teamed up to try to make peace with the protectors of Concord Dawn and encountered nothing but problems with the planet’s leader Fenn Rau. Read my recap of “The Protector of Concord Dawn” and let me know if you think they explored enough of Sabine’s backstory.

She’s No Man. 24: Legacy has cast another lead; Miranda Otto is set to play Rebecca Ingram. She’ll star opposite Corey Hawkins as the former head of the CTU who’s questioning whether she made the right decision about leaving the agency. [Deadline]

Hold On, Klaroline Fans. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals don’t cross paths nearly enough, but it’s finally happening again this season. The Vampire Diaries executive producer Caroline Dries spoke to reporters about some tidbits from the upcoming crossover. Included among them: a Klaroline scene. Read more right this way.

Piloting the News. Disney and ABC are celebrating Disneyland’s 60th anniversary with a TV special on February 21. Called The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60, the two-hour event will do more than look back at the park’s history—it will also look ahead. And in a smart move, Disney is bringing Harrison Ford on to preview the Star Wars-inspired lands coming to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Walt Disney World Resort. [Variety]

I’m Not Frightened. Season three of Penny Dreadful will arrive on Showtime on May 1, and it will see Patti LuPone returning as Dr. Seward. She’ll be treating Vanessa with an unconventional approach. Two new teasers for the season set the mood. Watch the first one above and see the second teaser here at Nerdist.

Activate Timey Wimey Powers. Bad news United States Whovians: BBC is pulling Doctor Who from Netflix this month. The show will also be removed from Hulu. I knew I should have watched the classic episodes sooner! [Nerdist]

What sort of Star Wars things do you think they might reveal in the Disneyland ABC special? Share your predictions in the comments.


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