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TV-Cap: GOTHAM Possibly Casting Vicki Vale, STRANGER THINGS Trailer, and More

Hellooo, Friday. (I’m saying that in my best Lando Calrissian voice). My weekend is going to involve pizza and a Star Wars RPG, so I’m ready to get to it. Let’s do this TV-Cap thing. Keep reading to find out which characters might be coming to the next seasons of Gotham and The Flash, to see a trailer for Netflix’s Stranger Things, to learn about some aliens on The X-Files, and more.

Report This. In May, TVLine reported Gotham was casting a recurring role of an “ambitious young journalist named Valerie.” Given that we know such a character in the comics and her name also begins with the letter “V,” TVLine hoped Valerie was code for Vicki Vale. And now, they’re reporting that is the case and Vicki Vale will be introduced in season three. We’ve reached out to Warner Bros. for confirmation. [TVLine]

Building a Crash. The X-Files recently came back for a limited run (in case you missed that news), and now it’s heading to Blu-ray on June 14. We have an exclusive clip from the bonus features on the Blu-ray, and it shows how tricky it was to create a crashed UFO for the series. [Nerdist]

Kicking Butt. Can you handle a whole day of Jean Claude Van Damme kicking and punching his way through films as different but somewhat similar kickass characters? Of course you can. The June Claude Van Damme marathon is happening Saturday, a.k.a. tomorrow, on El Rey Network and it’s it being hosted by Van Damme himself. The events kicks off at 10:00a.m. ET/PT and includes six films: Derailed, Street Fighter, Cyborg, Bloodsport, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, and Universal Soldier: The Return.

Opening the Door. Warner Bros. Television has had an exclusive deal with Jerry Bruckheimer Television for the last 15 years. Yep. That’s a long time. But things change, and the deal has reached its expiration date. Bruckheimer won’t be staying exclusively with Warner Bros.; he’s ready to step out and have Bruckheimer Television stand on its own. [Variety]

Oh, the ’80s. Netflix’s upcoming Stranger Things is so period I can hardly stand it. The series debuts on July 15, and the first trailer puts the emphasis on the spooky. Winona Ryder stars as the mom of missing kid Will, but Will discovers a new group of friends… and things get weird. [Nerdist, Image: Netflix]

Investigating. The Flash is reportedly planning to add a new recurring role for season three. TVLine reports a listing describing the character as “Barry’s slightly older, slightly geekier contemporary, a guy who is as smart as he is intuitive. As such, this newcomer doesn’t buy Barry’s nice guy routine and sets out to learn what he’s hiding.” Hmm. [Comic Book Resources]

Preacher BTS. Want to get commentary from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on the second episode of AMC’s Preacher? Wonderful because AMC’s released it, and you can watch and listen at their website.

Review and Recap. Netflix and DreamWorks’ new Voltron: Legendary Defender debuts today, June 10. Does it step out on the right foot? Kyle Anderson says yes. Read his review here. And then, if you watched Orphan Black last night and need to process it all again, read Alicia’s recap of “The Mitigation of Competition.”

That’s all she wrote. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Have any theories about who The Flash is casting for season three? It could be anyone, so go to town and share your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

Images: Lucasfilm, That’s N0 Moon/Tumblr

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