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TV-Cap: GAME OF THRONES Showrunners Share an Apology

If the Game of Thrones’ co-creators/showrunners felt like they should say I’m sorry on a regular basis, they’d have to release a video every week. This time, it’s different. Watch their apology in today’s TV-Cap and see photos from the next episode, learn about the fate of Limitless, contemplate what happened on The Flash finale and what it means, and more.

You know the drill: the next blurb has Game of Thrones spoilers. Skip ahead if that’s not for you.

Sort of an Apology. Game of Thrones co-creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to issue an apology. Ish. They don’t apologize for what happened to Hodor but for how everyone is going to process it when they ask for someone to “hold the door.” I’m happy I haven’t heard it yet. I might break down in tears. [Nerdist]

There Are Limits. CBS is shutting down Limitless, the show inspired by the Bradley Cooper film, after a single season. There’s no hope for a streaming service to pick it up, per showrunner Craig Sweeny’s tweet. [Deadline]

Set Snakes. Luke Cage is filming, and First Look caught a glimpse of Willis Stryker on set. Well, Erik LaRay Harvey as Stryker, also known as Diamondback. The villain is a member of the Serpent Society in the comics. You can see several images at First Look. [Comic Book Resources]

Planning Ahead. FX has granted 23 more episodes to The Americans. Season five will have 13 episodes and air in 2017. Season six’s air date is TBD, but it will have 10 episodes. [Slashfilm]

Family Matters. Much of Game of Thrones centers on families and what people will do to protect the ones they love. Photos from the next episode tease some familial stuff–Gilly will meet Sam’s family, Margaery will be tested–do you think the Queen of Thorns is going to stand for that? See more photos from “Blood of My Blood” at Nerdist. [Images: HBO]

Spoilers ahead for the season two finale of The Flash in the next blurb.

Crises and Flashpoints. The Flash season two finale opened the door to pursue some very exciting comic book storylines. Barry decided to save his mother, so the timeline is effectively jacked. Dan and Kyle break it down in the latest Nerdist News. [Nerdist]

Back to Scotland. Outlander will see Jamie and Claire go back to Scotland, and a clip from the next episode shows Jenny is back. Thank goodness. I’ve missed her ferocity. See the clip at TVLine.

Improvising. The fictional languages of Game of Thrones are fleshed out, and in the case of Dothraki, a language you can learn. Emilia Clarke stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers and talked about speaking Dothraki and says she sometimes loses track of what the words are–and then she says the lyrics of “Mmmbop” and it’s charming as hell. [Nerdist]

Endings for Everyone. Wednesday night saw the season finales for Arrow and Supernatural air. Their big bads have had similar world-destroying goals this season, but they met different fates. Read Sydney’s recap of Arrow and my recap of Supernatural to learn more.

Did you watch the Arrow and Supernatural finales last night? What did you think? Work it out in the comments.

Featured Image: HBO

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