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Happy Monday, my television tadpoles. Aren’t you so glad to be alive? Isn’t it such a relief that it FINALLY feels like fall? And we’re not just talking about on your small screen — although that certainly doesn’t hurt matters — but in the air! Out in the world! Hopefully you were fully engaging with the real world this weekend, resulting in you missing a few of the TV tidbits that made it out into the ether over the weekend.

Well fear no lack of knowledge, my friends, because that’s where today’s TV-Cap comes in, bringing you all the news that we found interesting enough for you to maybe want to read. So go forth and click, ye clickers of things!

Game of Soup: Missing Game of Thrones? Try the video at the link of the opening credits — reimagined as telling the tale of an old man eating soup — on for size. [Clickhole]

…Oh yeah and in case you want something actually substantial, this interview with Isaac Hempstead-Wright, involving GoT as childrens’ books, should suffice. The silliness starts at 2:52:

Adventure Cute: We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE look at the original artwork for the Adventure Time title sequence. Warning: they’re all way adorable! [Nerdist]

Meet Pete: Saturday Night Live‘s 40th season got underway on Saturday night with Star-Lord at the helm, but most folks were talking about the series’ newest edition, very very young person better known as Pete Davidson. The 19-year-old made quite a splash during Weekend Update (now with Michael Che). How’d he do? Judge for yourself (because, you know, comedy is a very personal thing):

Quite the business man, that one.

And Now For Some Jamie Dornan News: We L-O-V-E BBC2’s The Fall — do you? It’s a brilliant British program that’s getting ready for its second season of serial murderperson (Jamie Dornan) intrigue handled by the brilliant Gillian Anderson. ONTD has a solid round-up of all the recent news. Also its writer/director explained that the show was attempting — even in all its violence — to be feminist in its look at the intensity of the male gaze and misogyny, which is always great. Also just be prepared the link has a butt in it. [Oh No They Didn’t]

Doctor Meh?: Kyle was unimpressed (as were we, admittedly) with Doctor Who‘s latest offering, “The Caretaker.” His recap is live and ready for you to read. [Nerdist]

Bare-ly Knowledgeable: Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig took this reporter to task for not seeing their movie The Skeleton Twins before interviewing them about it. Bad, TV host! Bad! [Daily Dot]

Lost Gets Musical: There’s a new musical take on Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof’s ABC drama, Lost, called Lost The Musical: We Have to Go Back, and it’s playing in Los Angeles right now through October 26th. We never watched the series when it was on air (we know, we know), but they had us at this little bit about how they open the show with a take on Don Mclean’s song “American Pie” that goes “Bye bye, Oceanic 815 / From down under, went asunder / When we fell from the sky.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Don’t Call it a Spin-Off: Curious about the details of that alleged The Walking Dead companion series? They’re all right here right meow. Click that beautiful link, folks: [Nerdist]

Nightmares We Can Share: Oh, great. Thanks a lot for the subtle scares, Ryan Murphy. The never-ending cavalcade of promotional video teases for the upcoming American Horror Story: Freak Show have added two more unsettling bits to their repertoire.


How far is “too far” for Ryan Murphy? Is there such a thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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