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It’s Thursday which is, naturally, the best day of the week that isn’t the weekend or Friday. Because it means we’re that much closer TO the actual weekend — and isn’t that just the grandest? That’s when you’ll finally have time to catch up on all the great TV that happened this week (did any of you watch the premiere of Broad EFFING City last night?), or read a book and have a life. But for those of you still needing something to hold onto, perhaps today’s TV-Cap will treat you right! We’ve got all the news that’s fit to print, from the Game of Thrones IMAX roll-out reboot, to a recap of Parks and Recreation‘s premiere episodes, new Doctor Who details (including a bit of a Thrones crossover!), and casting news for The Flash.

Winter Is Coming to IMAX a Little Later Than Planned: Alright, well: due to popular demand, IMAX and HBO have moved their presentation of the series’ final two episodes from season four by a week. Meaning you’ll be able to watch Game of Thrones beginning Thursday, January 29th through February 5th. According to a fancy schmancy press release, the date change allows for an expanded roll-out to upwards of 200 IMAX theatres.

Jamming Up Pawnee By Keeping it Grizzl: From Jon Hamm to Werner Herzog, Parks and Recreation‘s future (and final season) looks very bright. So we recapped the season premiere! [Nerdist]

A New Who Clue: Well that didn’t take long: Doctor Who is already back to filming, with season nine principal business getting underway on Wednesday. But more than all that we got a look at the guest stars slated for next season’s premiere (which apparently starts out with a two-parter episode, the first part titled “The Magician’s Apprentice”). Paul Kaye, who played Thoros of Myr on Game of Thrones, will join the Doctor for that particular two-part episode. Also involved will be Morven Christie, Arsher Ali, and Colin McFarlane. Also slated for guest turns include Sophie Stone, Zaqi Ismail, Steven Robertson, and Neil Fingleton. [BBC]

More Broad EFFING City: Sound the alarms! Ring all the bells! The greatest thing in all the land to have ever happened has, well, happened! Comedy Central has given the green light to a third season of their funniest of funny shows, Broad City, and we couldn’t be happier about it. I feel so ALIVE right now, y’know? [Zap2It]

Get Extended Jammy Time!: Given that it is the final season of NBC’s current-best comedy series, it should come as a surprise to no one that Parks and Recreation‘s producers have made a special cut of the second episode of the evening, “Ron and Jammy” (now a full five minutes longer!). Thankfully because the world is just and kind sometimes, the network has put it up in full on their site. Life is beautiful!

Meet Hannibal‘s New Francis Dolarhyde: Spoiler alert, it’s Richard Armitage! Thorin, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do! [Nerdist]

Let’s Get Bosched: Amazon’s latest series debut (coming February 13th to Amazon Prime) is Bosch, based off the Michael Connelly novels. According to the description, “Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), an LAPD homicide detective, stands trial for the fatal shooting of a serial murder suspect. A cold case involving the remains of a missing boy forces Bosch to confront his past. As daring recruit, Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching), catches his eye, and departmental politics heat up, Bosch will pursue justice at all costs.”

The Flash Hires a Budding Serial Killer: Devon Graye — the kid who played a teenaged Dexter Morgan on Showtime’s Dexter — will guest star on the seventeenth episode of The Flash as Axel Walker, the second Trickster from the comics, and a young copycat of Mark Hamill’s jailed-up baddie of the same name. []

And Last but Not Least: Amy’s killer review of Agent Carter‘s new episode from Tuesday night is live right MEOW. [Nerdist]

So — any speculation on the new season of Doctor Who? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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  1. David Bankson says:

    According to the BBC link, this is not, in fact, a return to Doctor Who for Sophie Stone. You may want to correct that; she’s never been on Who.