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TV-Cap: GAME OF THRONES Deleted Scenes, ARROW Casts Deathbolt, ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 Premiere Scene, & More

Hear ye, hear ye! It’s time to gather ’round yon interwebs to catch up on the latest, greatest, best, and other “ests” of today’s television news. There are so many exciting shows to discuss and videos to watch that I’m keeping this short and sweet. Keep reading for deleted scenes from season 4 of Game of Thrones, a tease for season 3 of Orphan Black, some adorable Doctor Who toys, and more.

Clone Connection. There are nearly two months until Orphan Black returns for season 3 on BBC America. Mark April 18th on your calendars if you haven’t already. After you’ve ensured your schedule will be free, watch a new scene from the season 3 premiere. It shows Sarah checking in on the clones to discuss Project Castor. Warning: Features very cute Kira moments. [Variety]

Being Adorable In Time and Space. Funko pulled back the curtain on several new figures at Toy Fair, and that includes a host of new Pop! toys. Seriously, I’m pretty sure there are more Pop! figures than people on the planet. One of their recently acquired licenses? Doctor Who! The first wave features Doctors, villains, and the TARDIS and I’m going to need so many of them. [Nerdist]

Amazon Orders. Pilot season recently took place on Amazon, and the streaming company has handed down full season orders. They’ve picked up dramas The Man In the High Castle and Mad Dogs, a half hour docu-series titled The New Yorker Presents, and two titles for kids: Just Add Magic and The Stinky & Dirty Show. Will you be watching any of these series? [Give Me My Remote]

Betrayal Is the Worst. People die for a wide variety of reasons in Westeros, but betrayal has got to be one of the most popular causes. That very serious punishment doesn’t seem to be enough of a deterrent though because nearly everyone crosses everyone. HBO has released two deleted scenes from season 4 of Game of Thrones; one shows Shae and Bronn discussing Tyrion kicking her out and the other features Daenerys talking to Missandei about Jorah’s betrayal. Why would you screw with anyone who has dragons? Watch the Daenerys scene at /Film.

Boy Meets Guardians. The Guardians of the Galaxy animated series has announced two new members of the voice cast: Will Friedle (yes, Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World) will play Star-Lord and David Sobolov will play Drax. Sobolov has already voiced the character in other Marvel animated series. Watch an announcement video from Friedle right here on Nerdist.

Electric Energy. Starling City will soon have another metahuman to wrangle, but the villain isn’t arriving because of The Flash. Deathbolt will appear in episode 19 of this season of Arrow, “Broken Arrow.” The bad guy capable of controlling plasma energy will be played by none other than Doug Jones. [TV Fanatic]

Johnny Karate. Parks and Recreation is approaching its series finale (it’s okay to cry) and aired two whole episodes this week. They featured a host of guest stars (Bill Murray!) and the usual amount of funny happenings. Catch up on the laughs with Alicia’s recap.

Oh, They’re Going There. Bates Motel returns on March 9, and the relationship between Norman (Freddie Highmore) and his mama Norma (Vera Farmiga) looks like it’s getting even weirder. As Mother says, “We all go a little mad sometimes.” [TVLine]

Raise your hand if you’re losing it over Orphan Black. Not even necessarily about the trailer – just in general.

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