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TV-Cap: Foxes’ DOCTOR WHO Tune, GAME OF THRONES’ Wine Problem, & Jim Carrey’s Coming on SNL

Oh what a beautiful Monday it is, fair TV-Cap obsessives! Fall is in the air — finally! — and on the back of that super-crisp air comes a bevy of TV tidbits. Some of them have flown all the way from New York Comic-Con to be here, you guys! Isn’t that nice of them? So thoughtful. Anywho we’ve compiled the best of the rest for your Monday morning discourse — served up hot ‘n’ ready for your water cooler conversations. (And if anyone would like to talk about last night’s premiere of The Affair feel free to tweet me, please and thanks!)

Only time will tell on that front. In the meantime, here’s what’s doing in teeveeland!

Don’t Stop Me Now: We’re having such a good time, we’re having a ball, yeah? In what was perhaps one of the highlights of Capaldi’s season thus far (after “Listen”), “Mummy on the Orient Express” had lots of things we love about Doctor Who going on within it. But one of the things it lacked was the full performance of Foxes’ jazzy take on the Queen tune “Don’t Stop Me Now.” But worry no more my wee Whovians, we’ve got the whole thing for you right here right MEOW how’s that for service, eh?:

Speaking of Who…: Here’s Kyle’s review! [Nerdist]

Jim Carrey’s Confirmed: Live from New York…one half of Dumb and Dumber To will return to his ol’ stomping grounds to host Saturday Night Live on October 25th. [TVLine]

Archer Leaves ISIS Behind: Fun fact — on the show Archer, the namesake lead character works for a place called the International Secret Intelligence Service — better known as ISIS for short, yeah you see where we’re going with this now — and has done so for the past 5 seasons of the series. Ha! So, what with all those Islamic State jihadists running around Syria and Iraq causing a ruckus under that same acronym, well, it kinda-sorta makes sense that they’d decide to change it. Apparently that will happen in the premiere episode of season six so get ready for something hilarious and quippy to come from that. [Deadline]

More From The Following: Are you still watching the Good Ship Kevin Bacon? Well then step right up and feast your eyes on a brand spankin’ new clip from season three. I came from NYCC, like pretty much everything else happening out in the entertainment world this weekend. Hoo golly. [TV Guide]

The Mortal Instruments are Heading to TV: Hey, the movie never worked out so why not take a stab at the small screen, I guess? Yeah? Apparently The Mortal Instruments TV show will be a “high-end drama” whatever that means. In my world that reads as explicitly not-for-children which is weird because, y’know, it’s a young adult book but HEY WHATEVER, go ahead with your rehashing of all the same ol’ ideas, Hollywood. I’m sure this will work out really well for you and totally won’t fail spectacularly because everyone’s totally over it already. [The Hollywood Reporter]

This Show Had Everything: Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Hozier, Impressions, Dan Cortese, jokes, Stefon, and a recap from THE Clarke Wolfe herself. [Nerdist]

Whatta DAREDEVIL!: Your first look at Netflix’s Daredevil is here! There are photos, apparently a clip is en route. Read more when you click the fancy red word here at the end (SO FANCY)! [Nerdist]

Game of Cups: Least surprising fact of the day: Everyone on Game of Thrones drinks very, very heavily. But some houses more than most — guess which family comes out on top? Ha ha ha like you even have to guess. [MTV]

So — how much do you think the Braavosians will drink in season five? And will they ever even manage to hold a candle to the Lannisters? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

Image: BBC

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