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TV-Cap: First Look at Penguin’s Mom in GOTHAM, a SUPERNATURAL Promo, and AHS: FREAK SHOW Character Descriptions

Oh, hello again, TV fans. I didn’t see you there. Miss Alicia Lutes is out for a few days, so I’ll be helming the good ship TV-Cap in her stead. (Don’t worry, Alicia. I’ll give it back. Probably.) There’s a whole slew of titillating tidbits in the big, wide world of television, and we’re here to give it to you. We’ll spoon feed you if we have to! I draw the line at airplane noises, though. I won’t do it and you can’t make me.

Today we’ve got some more small screen stories, including your first look at Penguin’s mother on Gotham, Hannibal casting updates, Married… With Children spinoff rumors, Gilmore Girls heading to Netflix, and character descriptions of a few of the freaky folks from Ryan Murphy’s twisted carnival ride. So, without further ado: to the TV-Cap!


CobbleMom: Oh heeeey Carol Kane! You are looking good. And by good I mean extra creepy and perfect for your role of the the Penguin’s mom (presumably Mrs. Cobblepot) on Gotham. Described as “a proud an faded beauty; an old European character with delusions of grandeur,” Mrs. Cobblepot will makes her debut in the second episode of the new Fox series, but for now you can look at more of her crazy eyes and beautifully tattered duds here: [EW]

Time For Another Rewatch: Holy cats, you guys. This is the second best piece of Gilmore Girls news we could have hoped for. (The first would obviously be a reunion. We’ve been demanding a freshly baked round of quick and quippy dialogue from the Gilmore Girls for years, and we will not be silenced! Heck, we’d even settle for an Alexis Bledel cameo on Parenthood.) Lorelai, Luke, Rory, JESS, the Gilmore grandparents, and all the crazy kooks in Stars Hollow are heading to Netflix Instant beginning October 1. Now you have no excuse (but maybe skip most of the last season…)!: [The Decider]

A Delectable Promotion: Warning: there are mild spoilers for Hannibal seasons two and three in this news. Look away or scroll down or whatever if you don’t want to know anything about next season. All around amazing human being Gillian Anderson has just closed a deal to be a series regular in season three! We last saw Anderson’s character Bedelia du Maurier jetsetting off to Europe with her former patient and the debonair cannibal himself, Hannibal Lecter. More spoilers and details about the duo’s European adventures at: [TVLine]


No No Nonono! (Alternate title: Sorry ‘Bout That Image/Tonight’s Nightmare) We’ve got some character descriptions for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, and, as you might have guessed, Freak Show’s big bad is a creepy killer clown, played by John Carroll Lynch. The rest of the gang includes some con artists, lobster hands, and a tri-boobied lady. Yeah, you read that right: [zap2it]

Team Pepper Forever. That’s not all the AHS news we’ve got today, folks. On top of those intriguing character descriptions, there’s also official confirmation that a beloved character Pepper (played Naomi Grossman) will be returning to American Horror Story. Rumors of the AHS: Asylum alum have been swirling for months, but EW confirmed the news with Murphy himself. Read more about Pepper’s game-changing crossover to Freak Show right here: [EW]

Love and Marriage… and a Spinoff? Apparently Sony is shopping a Married… With Children spinoff revolving around Bud, the be-mulleted son of Al and Peggy Bundy. But could it really happen? Merrill Barr’s on the case: [Nerdist]

The Year of the Deanmon. No, that is not the title of Rory’s ex-boyfriend’s memoirs (though that Jared Padelecki tie-in is obviously super clever/never been done before). The CW just released the first promo for Supernatural season ten and it hinges on that brilliant bit of marketing. Dean’s a demon, y’all, and he’s on the hunt… for some karaoke: [Nerdist]

Be Still My Heart. In lieu of singing you my version of Jessie Jesse’s Girl in which I wax poetic about my love for Uncle Jesse, I’ll just share this exciting news: Fox has just picked up a comedy pilot from The Neighbors‘ Dan Fogelman starring John Stamos! The untitled comedy has Stamos playing a “charismatic longtime bachelor” (so, himself) who discovers he’s a father… and a grandfather. I am here. For. This: [Deadline]

The Simpsons Crossover with… The Simpsons? They’re just crossin’ over with everyone this season, aren’t they? In their annual “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episode this year, The Simpsons will be haunted by their ghostly, original selves, plucked straight from The Tracy Ullman Show. The early, pre-The Simpsons versions of the Simpsons family look a little different from their modern iterations. Here’s hoping for a four-fingered double clap a la The Conjuring: [EW]

Tomorrow’s Friday, friends! Almost time to let loose, Emily Gilmore style:


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