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TV-Cap: First Look at Neil Patrick Harris on AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Netflix’s DAREDEVIL, & More

Oh thank goodness it’s Friday. It’s been a long week, hasn’t it? Have you all finished crying now that Stephen Colbert is officially off the air? Well how about a bevy of TV news to soothe your soul, eh? We’ve got tid ol’ bitties from the likes of Orphan Black, American Horror Story: Freak Show, Netflix’s Daredevil, and Parenthood? Well, we’ve got all of that and more just waiting for you down below. Let’s get into it!

First Thing’s First: Listen, we don’t typically like to start this thing off with a bit of self-promotion but there’s a new Orphan Black teaser and you NEED to watch it right this second right this minute right MEOW I demand it of you! [Nerdist]

Neil Patrick Harris Joins the Freak Show: Finally, am I right? After teasing us for weeks and weeks about his upcoming arrival to the big tented Freak Show, the esteemable NPH has finally made his way into a teaser trailer for the series. Downside? We have to wait two weeks to see it (January 7th). Upside: he looks like a full-blown psychopathic creeperton of the highest order and at the heart of the entire episode, “Magical Thinking,” which also has the return of Nan (the actress who played her, not her Coven counterpart — no they left all that crossover business to Lily Rabe’s Asylum-related appearance on Wednesday). So, hoo boy! Looks like we’re maybe (finally?) getting into something interesting this season? Yeah? Fingers crossed (but also don’t hold your breath)?

The River of Harkness: Steven Moffat is totally open to bringing back River Song or Captain Jack — if the story was good. What say you, eh, Doctor Who fans? [Nerdist]

The New Daredevil: So, folks — here he is at last. It’s Charlie Cox dressed as everyone’s favorite Ben Affleck Superhero Alter-Ego (ahyuck), Daredevil. Apparently they’re out and about, filming in New York City for the upcoming Netflix series (May 2015), which is a very exciting thing. Plus it’s nice that Matt Murdock’s got some pretty sweet style, eh? [Flickering Myth]

Smash heads to Broadway: The musical about Marilyn Monroe within the NBC musical series, Smash, is heading to Broadway! Has anyone ever hate-watched a Broadway musical before? [TVLine]

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye: …To Parenthood — sing that like it’s a Boyz II Men song and you’ll really understand how we’re feeling about this, y’know what I mean? Anyway the series’ creator has tweeted out the finale premiere date (January 29th) AND the title of the episode: “May God Bless And Keep You Always.” So enjoy the feels because they’re going to be neverending pretty soon! KAAAATIIIIIIIIIIMS (*shakes fist in the air*)!

Speaking of Parenthood: Oh yeah want to be sad some more? Here are some photos from their 100th episode. [TVLine]

First Look at Arya’s New Threads: The Game of Thrones serial murderperson-to-be has a new outfit in season five. Take a looksie! [Nerdist]

So, what do you think of NPH’s American Horror Story character (and that creepy doll)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. The episode on Wednesday wasn’t that bad, but my god is this show stupid.

  2. kerrell says:

    This season of AHS has been a bit hit and miss. But I’m looking forward to the January 7th episode. It’s looking like it’ll be a creepy good time.