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TV-Cap: First Look at ARROW’S Vixen, STAR WARS REBELS Leans Mandalorian

Did you watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow last night? Did seeing Arthur Darvill more or less play a version of the Doctor from Doctor Who get you to clapping? It was a rather fantastic way to send out the week. We have the recap for the Legends debut in today’s TV-Cap, along with a new Star Wars Rebels trailer, the first look at the live-action Vixen look for Arrow, some news on Heroes Reborn, and more.

A Double Life. How do you balance being a law student with playing a transactional relationship provider? We’ll get to explore both sides (and the gray area in between) in the upcoming series The Girlfriend Experience, produced by Steven Soderbergh. A new trailer highlights the danger, thrill, and intensity in the double-life series. The Girlfriend Experience will air on Starz on April 10 and all 13 episodes will drop on Starz Play and Starz on Demand on the same day.

Feral and Awesome. As usual, The 100 didn’t hold back. The sci-fi show’s season three premiere caught us up with Clarke, Murphy, Jaha, and all the regular suspects in Arkadia. Jasper was practically unrecognizable. If you watched the episode (and I plead with you to watch The 100 if you’re not already on board), read Sydney’s recap of “Wanheda, Part One” and see if there’s anything you missed.

Not Letting Go. NBC might not have any current plans to continue Heroes Reborn, but series creator Tim Kring asks us to hold our horses. He told TV Insider, “I’ve also stated that if there was going to be more story, it would not be part of Heroes Reborn, but rather some future volume with a brand new story.” To me, that means there could be more with the characters we know, just under a different title. Read Kring’s full statement as well as an updated one from NBC at TV Insider.

Animated to Live-Action. Megalyn Echikunwoke, a.k.a. Megalyn E.K., started playing Mari McCabe, a.k.a. Vixen, in an animated series airing on CW Seed. She’s making the jump to live-action though by portraying Vixen in an upcoming episode of Arrow. Stephen Amell tweeted a photo of them working together, and The CW released an official look at her in costume. I believe the word “epic” applies here. [Nerdist, Image: The CW]

Recognizing Limits. The next episode of Arrow, “A.W.O.L.,” will see Diggle work with his brother Andy, but the above promo centers on Felicity. She’s recently been through hell. The healing process appears to be moving forward, but she might not be able to fire on the same number of cylinders as she used to. Guys, I’m worried. [TV Fanatic]

A Magical Team-Up. As you might have guessed from my earlier comments about Legends of Tomorrow, I thought the series’ debut was a blast. It made me feel nothing but joy to see the dynamic between the hodgepodge group, and Arthur Darvill kills as Rip Hunter. They packed a lot into the initial episode so go read Blair’s recap for the first part of the pilot—no time travel required.

Another Time Master. Legends of Tomorrow will gain another Time Master in the fourth episode. Martin Donovan (Ant-Man) will appear as Zaman Druce. He was Rip Hunter’s first mentor at the Time Master Academy. He’s on board as a guest star for now, but he might recur. [Comic Book Resources]

What a Coincidence. While we’re on the topic of time and time travel, it’s worth noting NBC has ordered a pilot called Time. The drama from Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan is about a trio who travel through time to fight a criminal. Huh. That doesn’t sound anything like a certain CW show. At all. [The A.V. Club]

Mandalorian Ties. Exploring Sabine’s backstory on Star Wars Rebels has been long overdue, but we’re finally diving into the past next week. Wednesday’s episode, “The Protector of Concord Dawn,” will put Sabine head to head with other Mandalorians. She’s from House Vizsla, which fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars associate with the Death Watch. The first promo for the episode teases that connection.

Leveling Up. Remember the hella impressive hallway fight scene from the first season of Daredevil? If you don’t, by some chance, it’s embedded above. It’s a thing of beauty, and apparently they’re planning to outdo it in season two. Series star Charlie Cox spoke to reporters at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour and said, “There are a number of really good fights. There is one in particular that I’m really excited about because it’s kind of like an homage to that scene, but it’s almost like that scene on crack.” Yesss! [IGN]

Are you more pumped about Vixen coming to Arrow or seeing Sabine’s backstory in Star Wars Rebels? Sound off in the comments.


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