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TV-Cap: FARGO Adds Cast, ORPHAN BLACK’s Clone Nomination, Plus Rick Springfield: TRUE DETECTIVE?

Aww, gee, thank you, Internet! Thank you for taking time out of your Thursday listening and speculating on Serial to spend some time with this here TV-Cap. It’s mighty nice of you and we think you’re swell because of it. Now, we’ve got a lot of good stuff for you, and though it has nothing to do with Adnan or Jay — that would be weird, wouldn’t it? — it does have a lot of information in which you’re going to want to invest. Like how Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons have been cast in Fargo. Plus the exciting news that Tatiana Maslany has been recognized for being the best actress on television — and, oh yeah: apparently Rick Springfield is going to be on True Detective.

And that doesn’t even include the Saturday Night Live and Nick Offerman: American Ham promos we have for you. C’mon, c’mon! Let’s do this like we’re a bunch of goddamn Mail Kimps.

Kirsten Dunst and Landry Head to Fargo: We’ve all seen Drop Dead Gorgeous, right? So we know this is going to be fantastically great: Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons (a/k/a LANDRY! Clear eyes, full hearts 4-eva) will star in the second season of FX’s Fargo. We love this casting. Like a lot. Plemons will play the husband character (Ed) to Dunst’s Peggy Blomquist, “a small town beautician with big city dreams who is trying to figure out who she really is and what she really wants as she struggles with traditional societal expectations.” Yes please to all of this. Oh, and we just want to give a hat-tip to Cinema Blend’s Jesse Carp who so astutely pointed out that Matthew Gray Gubler should play a young Lou Solverson and we are SO ON BOARD WITH THAT, TOO. Do you hear us, FX? Do ya? [Entertainment Weekly]

Rick Springfield’s a True Detective?: Well color us surprised. Because of all the things we’d anticipated happening on True Detective next season, a storyline involving Rick Springfield — you know, that former soap opera star turned musical heartthrob? — was not one of them. But here we are! Rick Springfield is allegedly claiming he’s going to be on the second season of True Detective. Seriously. If it turns out to be true, at least we finally know what this season’s going to be all about now, eh? True Detective Season Two: The Search for Jessie’s Girl. [Break]

Tatiana Gets Nominated: And what say you, Emmy Awards? The consummate goddess of clones everywhere, Tatiana Maslany, has gone ahead and gotten herself nominated for a SAG Award for her work on Orphan Black. FINALLY! People are finally coming around. They’re getting hip to it — they understand how insanely good she is…only took ’em two seasons. (Jeez.) Anywho, she’s going up against a lot of impressive ladies — Homeland‘s Claire Danes, How To Get Away With Murder‘s Viola Davis, The Good Wife‘s Julianna Margulies, Downton Abbey‘s Maggie Smith and House Of Cards‘ Robin Wright — when they hand out the statues on January 25th so fingers crossed, Clone Club! The rest of the TV and movie nominees are at the link if you’re into that sorta thing. [Deadline]

And Speaking of Orphan Black: BBC America put out a little video ode to the most elusive non-Maslany lady on the series, her foster mother Mrs. S. Three cheers for the fiercely fabulous Maria Doyle Kennedy. Also yes please to more Mrs. S in season three we still have far to go when it comes to figuring that bird out!

Letterman’s Late Farewell: The Late Show with David Letterman will have its final Top Ten list on May 20th. Which means UGH we’re going to have so much time without Stephen Colbert on TV what GIVES? I hate this. Hurry up and leave I’m impatient! Didn’t you see how adorable James Corden and Colbert were on his show on Tuesday night? No (Oh, well in that case skip to the next blurb)! [Vulture]

Adorable (in Harmony)!: OK so remember up in that last bit about Letterman when we mentioned that future The Late Late Show host James Corden and future host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert, sang together? Well, they did! And it was — what we definitely mentioned — the cutest. We’re still not happy with you for going the ol’ white dude route, CBS, but this does bode well for their dual futures to come.

Adult Swim Approves: Mike Tyson Mysteries, Black Jesus, and Mr. Pickles have all been picked up for another season!

Here’s The Hanky: Remember when we interviewed Nick Offerman (OBVIOUSLY you read that, right?! RIGHT?!) and he said that our idea to make a video for his Hanky Song would be a good life decision? Well here’s a clip of him singing that very song in his Netflix special, Nick Offerman: American Ham, for all of you to enjoy!

Saturdays with Martin: Oh man isn’t he just the most British-est? Freeman’s SNL promos are here:

Alright, let’s all guess what Rick Springfield’s role on True Detective might be in the comments, OK?

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