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TV-Cap: Fancy OUTLANDER Season 2 Key Art, THE 100 Tease, and More

With many of The CW’s series, superhero and otherwise, on a short break, my week feels empty. Look, I’ve become accustomed to having Barry Allen on my television on Tuesday nights. However, luckily for all of us, The 100 is airing this week and things are about to get crazy. Read today’s TV-Cap to see a tease of Thursday’s The 100, new key art for season two of Outlander, to learn about impressions of the Riverdale pilot script, and more.

Much Silk. Very Opulence. Wow. Starz’s Outlander is picking up its kilts and running to France for season two. Key art shows Jamie and Claire in the fanciest of settings in Parisian society. They’ll have bigger problems to face than uncomfortable clothing: they’re going to attempt to change history. The drama returns on April 9. [Nerdist]

To Be Continued. Making a Murderer generated all sorts of buzz and attention, and the Netflix series may not be done. Directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos have been keeping it touch with Steven Avery and documenting the latest occurrences in his case. They said, “From our perspective this story is obviously not over.” Hmm. [Slashfilm]

Annette Found. NBC’s Cruel Intentions has found another key character. Kate Levering will play Annette Hargrove, who was portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in the 1999 film. The series is a sequel to that movie and will focus on Annette and Sebastian’s kid. And yes, Sarah Michelle Gellar is reprising her role. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Wooing Miss Piggy. Jack White fit rights in on The Muppets, and he recently performed “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” His take on the Stevie Wonder song has me all starry-eyed. [Nerdist]

That’s One Route. Archie Comics is known for having a sort of “golly, shucks” vibe, and I don’t mean that negatively. It’s wholesome. The tone is one of the comic’s many charms. But it sounds like The CW could be leaving that behind with its Archie adaptation, Riverdale. We knew it was going to be different, but it sounds like it could be super racy. Bleeding Cool read a copy of the pilot script and said Riverdale has a rough side, replete with meth addicts and teacher-student sexual relations. Read more about the pilot here at Nerdist.

One More. FX’s Legion, a.k.a. the X-Men show, is staffing up. They’ve cast Katie Aselton in a co-starring role as Amy. [Deadline]

Polis. The 100 dropped a big ol’ bomb in the last episode by tying together the Grounders and the members of Arkadia in a whole new way. Like, a world-changing way. The next installment will explore the connection between the 13th Station, Polaris, and Polis. Guys. Series creator Jason Rothenberg teases what’s ahead in the above video.

The Wild West. Netflix is all about original content and one of their upcoming series will travel to an New Mexico mining town set in the 1800s. Godless will be written, directed, and produced by Scott Frank. Steven Soderbergh is on board as executive producer, too. [Deadline]

Taking Bows. Two shows aired finales last night, and we have recaps so you don’t have to miss a minute. The Shannara Chronicles changed the ending fans know from the books; read Sydney’s recap and talk with the series’ executive producers right this way. On Agent Carter, the team pulled together to stop Whitney and wrapped up with a shocking ending; read my recap of “Hollywood Ending.”

What are your theories about the latest development in The 100? Share them with them with me in the comments!


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