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TV-Cap: DOLLHOUSE Alum Heads to AGENT CARTER, Patton Oswalt on BATTLE CREEK, and More!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! It’s Friday and because that’s a day of the week that ends in ‘y’ but doesn’t begin with an ‘s’ we’ve got another one of our solid gold TV-Caps for you. To, y’know, help you keep track of all the bubbling television news out there in the world, taking up e-space with gleeful abandon. Turns out? Lots of things have happened today while you were busy watching Every Simpsons Ever, so it’s in your best interest to see what’s up. After all, you don’t want to be the only person at the dinner party tonight without a few thoughts on the latest casting announcements and Leftovers theories, do ya? DO YA?! Of course not! That would make you insecure and look lesser in the eyes of all your very TV-savvy friends.

Have no fear, ye mortals among us: we here at Nerdist are here to help. So dig into today’s tantalizing TV tidbits. IT’S SO GOOD WHEN IT HITS YOUR LIPS!


A The Leftovers Theory We Can Get Behind: There’s no new episode of The Leftovers this week, so how about some light theorizing while we wait for the September 7th finale, eh? We’ve got to give major ka-dooze to Steven Lloyd Wilson over at Pajiba because he’s really nailed a fascinating theory we’ve been ruminating on in our own noggin regarding the departure so GO READ IT. [Pajiba]

The Marvel Dollhouse?: Now that the S.H.I.E.L.D. (we will probably never type out that show’s name in full more than once an article if we can avoid it, sorry Marvel!) spin-off Agent Carter is well underway, we’ve got some casting news and fans of the oft-maligned Dollhouse are sure to be tickled: Enver Gjokaj has booked a series regular role alongside former One Tree Hill/Gilmore Girls star Chad Michael Murray. Gjokaj will play Agent Daniel Sousa, and Murray, Agent Jack Thompson. Secret AGENT MEN! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Game Of SDCC: The Game of Thrones panel from Comic-Con is viewable in its entirety right here on this very website, holy Braavos!

Stephen King + Lifetime = Big Driver: Man oh man, Halloween is going to be the creepiest, isn’t it? The author’s TV movie adaptation of Big Driver will be hitting us with the creepiness on October 18th via Lifetime, and today we’ve got a trailer. Maria Bello stars as Tess Thorne, so, y’know, it’s guaranteed to be intense. [JoBlo]

Patton Oswalt’s Ready for Battle!: As if the names “Vince Gilligan” and “David Shore” weren’t enough. Now we get to add Patton Oswalt’s name to the list of things to intrigue us about CBS’ upcoming buddy cop drama Battle Creek. Delightful and funny human Oswalt will be guest starring on the series as Mayor Scooter Hardy, which is perhaps the most Patton Oswalt-y named character we’ve ever seen (erm, OK, well not-seen, YET, but still). [Entertainment Weekly]

Andy Bernard FINALLY Has a Chance at Fame: Aww, all his hopes and dreams are coming true, you guys. Perennial crush of this particular writer (don’t question it), The Office star Ed Helms, has been booked to play a role on the perma-funny FOX series Brooklyn Nine-Nine in its upcoming sophomore season. We don’t know about you all but the fact that he’s going to be playing an agent working for the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) has us in stitches already. Stitches, I say! [TV Guide]

An Affair to Remember: We’re hopeful that Showtime’s latest, The Affair, is a goodun, even if the voiceover on this first look video is THE CORNIEST. I mean, Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Joshua Jackson, and Maura Tierney are involved so I meaaan, it’s got to be fantastic, right? Right?! [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Following Without A Leader: Well, yikes; that was fast. After less than three months at the showrunner’s helm of The Kevin Bacon Show (also known as The Following), the exceedingly talented and impressive Jennifer Johnson has exited her role at the head of the series. Uh oh. The show’s creator, Kevin Williamson, has promoted two other writers to take over (because he’s too busy with CBS’ upcoming thriller/controversy machine, Stalker). Guess she wasn’t down with heading up the creepy cult, eh? Speculation Nation: start your engines! [The Hollywood Reporter]

So — what other shows should Patton Oswalt be cast in? Game of Thrones, maybe? Orphan Black? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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