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TV-Cap: DAREDEVIL Season Two Teaser, King Shark on THE FLASH, and More

The Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour is in full swing, and that means all sorts of small screen news will be pouring onto the Internet over the next couple of weeks. Networks use the event to make announcements about renewals, upcoming guest appearances, premiere dates—all the things, essentially. We’ll have the highlights, as always, in TV-Cap throughout this hot season. Today’s round-up has the first teaser and key art for Season 2 of Daredevil, photos from Agent Carter Season 2, more King Shark on The Flash, and more.

The Church of Daredevil. Matt Murdock thought he was cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen, but season two of Daredevil will bring more troubles to his doorstep. Netflix has announced season two will return on March 18 and dropped a teaser trailer that sort of recaps the first season with voiceover and beautiful stained glass images and hints at what’s ahead. [Nerdist, Image: Netflix]

Generosity. Rejoice, Broad City fans! Season three of the Comedy Central series doesn’t even premiere until February 17, but it’s been renewed for fourth and fifth seasons. I really need to watch this series.

Onward and Upward. Gravity Falls is ending its run on Disney XD next month, and series creator Alex Hirsch isn’t wasting any time getting started on a new project. He’s agreed to a deal with Fox to develop an animated series—specifically a script and presentation pilot. He told Variety, “I’m cooking up some brand-new weirdness.” [Variety]

The Other Side. Netflix is making an impression with not only the amount of original series it’s tackling, but also with the variety of those series. The upcoming show The Crown goes inside Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street to see the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century for Britain. It stars Claire Foy, Matt Smith, and John Lithgow, and the sizzle reel looks all kinds of intriguing. And hey, is that music from Doctor Who playing in the trailer?

Changes Schmanges. When a book is adapted for television, changes are bound to happen. They’re necessary. I definitely noticed differences between The Shannara Chronicles and The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks. The cast and executive producers and author discussed the alterations at TCA. You can read their comments here at Nerdist.

Going for a Swim. Diggle and Lyla will be leaving Arrow’s Star City to take a visit to Central City for an upcoming one episode crossover. They’ll appear in The Flash to assist Barry with taking down King Shark—the criminal has escaped from ARGUS custody. I am all about more King Shark. [, Image: The CW]

The Essence of Elegance. The season two premiere of ABC’s Agent Carter is less than two weeks away. Finally! As you’ve probably heard, Peggy is heading west to Los Angeles. The location switch means new faces—like Lotte Verbeek as Ana Jarvis—but also familiar ones. New glamorous promo photos show everyone off, and you can see more images at Superhero Hype. [Images: ABC]

Taking Over the World. Guys. Netflix is everywhere. Or I should say, #netflixeverywhere. As of January 6, the streaming service has expanded to 130 additional countries. Yep. You read that right. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said they’ve gone live in nearly every country except China—and they’re working on that! [Gizmodo]

The Elite. Are you ready for the Crusades? History has ordered a 10-episode order for Knightfall. The historical drama executive produced by Jeremy Renner will follow the story of the Knights Templar—their secrets, their brotherhood, and the darkness of the world around them. I’m sold. Renner will appear in the series, too. It’s slated to premiere in late 2016. [Deadline]

Who else wants to rewatch Daredevil before the Season 2 premiere? Head to the comments and tell me whether you’re excited about going back to Hell’s Kitchen.

Featured Image: Netflix

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