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Happy Tuesday, television obsessives. It’s another day that ends in ‘y,’ which means it’s time for another edition of the Nerdist TV-Cap! Because what better way is there to start your day than with a bevy of delicious morsels about everyone’s favorite small screen affair? Absolutely nothing, that’s what! (OK, OK, there are probably a few other things but let’s not get all nitpicky about it.) So here we are, with a few tid ol’ bitties from Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, American Horror Story: Freak Show, and more (!) to get your day started the Nerdist way: with facts about things you love.

Onward, fair friends and frenemies!

A Game of Nudes: So, spoiler alert, but: there’s going to be some nudity next season on Game of Thrones. TOTALLY CRAZY, RIGHT? Like, whodathunkit. So unusual for a show that’s usually so prudish! But it’s true — har har — and it’s going to be pretty intense. More so than normal. (Actual spoilers ahead). Book readers know what’s coming: a pretty major scene involving some pretty royal nudity on the part of Queen Cersei. It’s a very important scene to the character, but as is the case in much of life, important doesn’t come cheap! In fact, it cost HBO and the production itself $200,000 to shoot said nude scene in Croatia recently. Yes, that’s right: $200,000. I don’t know if I’ve made that much money in my entire lifetime, but hey! Whatever, it’s fine. [TV Guide]

Rollin’ on a Controversy: Saturday’s episode of SNL was quite funny, but there are a few folks out there who aren’t laughing, namely the Groundlings performers who believe their sketch was stolen — a thing some comedians claim happens often. Uh we’re going to go ahead let you make up your own minds on this one. The original and the Saturday Night Live one are below. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Matador, Matador, Matador!: Cool girl Clarke Wolfe hung out on the set of El Rey’s Matador and got all SORTS of good scoopy stuff. [Nerdist]

Better Call A Composer: Good news, fans of Breaking Bad and music and good things in general: the composer from that series has agreed to do all the music for Better Call Saul, which: yay! Fun and funny and silly and great music on a hoepfully-going-to-be-great TV show? Everything’s coming up Good, man! Hooray for Dave Porter. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Meet the Freak Show: We say that with love, promise. As we ramp up towards the increasingly anticipated (who knew the dull roar could be this loud, eh?) new season of American Horror Story, FX has been introducing us to some of the more interesting characters ready to set up shop under the tent that Jessica Lange built (seriously that show would be nothing without her. NOTHING!). Up first? Mat Frewer. [Collider]


And Now it’s X-Men‘s Turn: Of course there might be a live action X-Men series coming to Fox. OF COURSE. What’s Overkill? [Nerdist]

Once Upon a Photo: Hey, look! There are some new photos for the next episode of Once Upon a Time up on the Internet. Ain’t life grand? Isn’t that hook-ed fella handsome? [TVLine]

See You in 25 Years: Or…you know…2016!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK, TWIN PEAKS. aaaiiiieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! [Nerdist]

OK — can we talk about Twin Peaks? PLEASE?! Let’s unleash in the comments.


Image: ABC

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Cannot wait for Twin Peaks!  Although without Pete Martell it will be slightly not quite the same…. So anxious to see what they do with it and am so glad David Lynch and Mark Frost kept it in their hands and didn’t allow someone else to take over the 3rd season!!  

  2. Wolffe says:

    You said mat frewer, and it’s fraser. Here i thought Max Headroom was freaking out here……

  3. wadebran says:

    I hope they’re able to reassemble as many key surviving actors as possible for the new Twin Peaks. If it’s a mostly new cast with just a couple of returning characters it will be slightly disappointing though probably still weird and good.  Has BOB been hiding in Agent Cooper for the entire 25 years?  I gotta know!

  4. chip says:

    that american horror story video is amazing, makes me actually want to give that series another try after they lost me in the middle of the second season.

  5. Danielle says:

    Matt Fraser. Matt Fraser. correct your mistake please.