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TV-Cap: Colbert’s LATE SHOW Premiere, THE SIMPSONS’ Charlie Hebdo Homage, & TWIN PEAKS

It’s Tuesday, everyone! (You probably had NO idea, right? You’re welcome) And as is the case with nearly all things things that happen on the most productive day of the week (that’s real science), television news was in NO SHORT SUPPLY. From Colbert’s Late Show premiere date, The Simpsons‘ Charlie Hebdo homage, and exciting developments in the world of Twin Peaks, Shameless, Happyish, and more, today’s TV-Cap is — wait for it! — SO MEATY.

So let’s take a bite out of what you may have missed. Because we care, and we love your beautiful, television-obsessed brain.

Stephen Colbert Steps In: David Letterman may be stepping down from his time as the host of The Late Show on May 20th, but we’ll have to wait until September 8th, 2015 for the real-life (non-conservative) Stephen Colbert to take over. UGH why is life so hard and time so long? We’ll wait, but we won’t be happy about it. [Vulture]

CBS Gets Their Renewal On: There are full second seasons coming for three of CBS’ freshman series! Look look look:

MacLachlan is Go: It was speculated with the announcement of a new season, but now he’s finally confirmed: Kyle Maclachlan will return to Twin Peaks! Huzzah! [Nerdist]

We Are All Charlie: On Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons, the artists involved in the iconic animated series paid homage to their fallen satirists at Parisian publication Charlie Hebdo with a Les Miserables/the French Revolution-centric static image at the end of the episode. There are GIFs of the moment (below) and a quote from the series’ showrunner Al Jean over on BuzzFeed. [BuzzFeed]
Here it is with context:

And here it is as a standalone:

New House of Cards trailer: watch the thing! [Nerdist]

Big-Ass Swords ‘n’ Shit: Um, you guys! This looks like JUST the most badass thing, right? This dude makes crazy-ass, big ol’ swords that would put Game of Thrones‘ Valyrian blades to freaking shame. Can he make me a sword? Let’s have him make us all swords. The new series — titled Big Giant Swords because OF COURSE IT IS — premieres Tuesday (that means tonight!), January 13th at 10PM on Discovery.

Shameless Renewed, Happyish Ordered: Showtime is wasting no time on the renewal game — much like Sunday during The CW’s Television Critics Association winter tour panel — giving its long-running series Shameless a sixth season (there’s seriously only been six seasons of this show?) in addition to re-confirming the series order for Happyish. That particular one was very much up in the air following the death of original lead, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Now with Steve Coogan in the role of Thom Payne (the middle-aged man forced to work in total disarray with a 25-year-old spastic new media wunderkind boss), Happyish will make its official debut on Sunday, April 26th at 9:30PM. [TVLine]

Galavant Recap: We watched it, we bopped our head along to some things, and then we wrote about it! Ooo-wee! [Nerdist]

Get Together and Watch Togetherness — For Free!: Hey-o look at this cool thing! HBO has offered up the first episode of the Duplass brothers’ comedy series Togetherness. And if you’re into mumbling normcore humor then let us tell you: you’re going to like this show. So you should click the link right here and watch it (sorry, we can’t embed). Mark and Jay also made a wee homage to the HBO intro of the 80s and that we CAN and DID embed here below. [YouTube]

So — what have been some of your favorite homages to Charlie Hebdo? Let us know in the comments.

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