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TV-Cap: Clowns are Mad at AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Seth Rogen on THE COMEBACK, and More BROAD CITY

Surprise, nerds! It’s another day of TV-Cap shenanigans, and before we get to summarizing the news for you, we’re going to summarize those summaries right here right meow because you NEED TO KNOW right this VERY second what’s coming your way. Like news surrounding a bunch of angry clowns (thanks, American Horror Story!), another Hack Into Broad City, Seth Rogen heading to The Comeback, and yet another movie-to-TV transformation — this time via The Illusionist.

So let’s get to it, shall we? OK if you insist!

Send in the Clowns: Twisty the Clown is upsetting real, actual clowns. Because apparently Twisty gives all those goof-faced demons of deception a bad name. Which: ha ha ha ha haaaa! Please. Upside to this article? I learned a new word: coulrophobia or ‘clown fear,’ which is a real thing. (Alternatively, it’s called “common sense” I think.) Don’t worry, clowns: your reputation as terrifying specters of doom and horror dressed up as a playful cad was solidified way, way, way before American Horror Story: Freak Show. [The Hollywood Reporter]

DO Call it a Comeback: Are you ready for some meta-Seth Rogen, America? Of course you are! (And you can thank James Franco for that.) The world’s most popular stoner has been tapped to play himself playing a version of another character on the upcoming return of The Comeback, Paulie G. According to BuzzFeed: The “show-within-the-show will feature Seth Rogen — stay with me for this — playing himself playing Mitch, the fictional Paulie G. (as well as Lance Barber as the ‘real’ Paulie G.). Rogen will appear in two of the show’s eight episodes.” [BuzzFeed]

Nostalgia is Bewitching, Isn’t It?: In fact some might even call it spellbinding! And not in a good way. Listen: we’re all for appreciating things from the past — and hey, the occasional reboot and revamp and re-do of something can be nice, particularly when done well. But now we’re turning movies into TV shows and TV-shows-turned-into-bad-movies back into TV shows again, and it’s just gone too far. Hasn’t anyone in Hollywood heard the one about the snake who ate his tail? It actually CAN’T go on forever! But still, Sony TV persists: the company is shopping around a re-do of the old series Bewitched and let me just go ahead and tell you: thanks, but no thanks. Love, the audience. [Deadline]

Exclusive Gotham Goodies: We got an exclusive clip from Gotham! Because we’re special. [Nerdist]

Another Movie Becoming a TV Show: And no, it’s not an illusion (ha ha ha see what I did there?). First The Mortal Instruments and now The Illusionist. The Edward Norton film is apparently going to become a TV series on The CW. Now you see it — now you don’t! [The A.V. Club]

Danny Boyle is in a Relationship with FX: Well, they’re already going to air his 10-episode miniseries Telemark, but now the lovebirds have made it official, with Boyle and his producing partner inking an overall deal with FX, FXX, and FXM. And another fancy movie man makes the move to TV. See? Isn’t it so nice here? [The Hollywood Reporter]

The One Where All the Episodes of Friends Came to Netflix: Really! [Nerdist]

Hack Into Broad City! Another one! The last one, apparently. Season two WHERE ARE YOU? Yooo-hoooooo!!

Top of the Lake Returns: Oh now here’s something that’s new and original and great and getting another installment: Top of the Lake! Jane Campion’s very delightful drama may just be the reason why we’re not getting Elizabeth Moss on True Detective in season two, but honestly — we’re kinda OK with that if it means there’s more Moss-on-TOTL coming our way. Seriously this show was so good aren’t you EXCITED?! [IndieWire]

Dark Matter on TV: Syfy has acquired the rights to the new series based on the graphic novel of the same name, Dark Matter. A spooky space soap opera? Yes please. [TVLine]

Adios, Kalinda: This is sad but if anyone can handle a major character leaving, The Good Wife has proven incredibly capable of that. [The Hollywood Reporter]

And Last But Not Least: …Rachel took a ~spooky~ tour of the home of American Horror Story: Coven. It’s tres witchy (which means it’s great). [Nerdist]

So — who else has been scared of clowns long, long before AHS? Raise your hands in the comments.

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  1. Trash Boat says:

    the whole plot of this season of ahs, with the insane clown running around killing people, the freak show, everyone hates them but they just want to find a place to live where they can be themselves, it all just screams dark carnival, aka ahs: juggalo edition. it’s good and all, and i do listen icp so i’m not complaining, but am I the only one who’s noticed this? 

  2. mwruger says:

    Not scared of ’em, but don’t find them funny at all, just sad. I know that is not what they are going for, but John Wayne Gacy put a permanent stink on them that has permeated popular culture.

    That gave us the reason to back up the notion we already had about them