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TV-Cap: Charlie Sheen Relives FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, Amy Adams’ SNL Promos, ADHD Heads to FXX

Wow, Thursday. What a whirlwind. What a weird time we’re living in. One where a teeny, tiny imperialist nation purposefully cut-off from the world (that tells its citizens this divine rule does not poop or pee, which, HA!) can stop a major motion picture from being released in the United States. In all that huss and fuss you may have missed the bit of TV news that happened. No fear, we’ve got everything you could need here: Amy Adams’ Saturday Night Live promos, the Parks and Recreation trailer, Charlie Sheen’s The Goldbergs‘ apperaance, the trailer for Dig and even a new Orphan Black image!

So let’s get started, shall we?

Amy Adams Has More than One Direction (Get It Get It?): If there’s one thing to appreciate about Amy Adams (outside of the many other things) it’s her unwavering commitment to going whole hog. It’s so goddamn endearing and sweet and that’s what makes her silly little Saturday Night Live promos so chuckle-worthy. She loves One Direction! She doesn’t love Taran Killam! She loves that tree! Aww Amy, never change.

NEW ORPHAN BLACK IMAGE: It’s super-spoiler-y about season three. You’ve been warned! [Nerdist]

Holy Katims Crossover, Batman!: Jason Katims, king of all the heartstring-pullers, will continue to build himself a universe of his own design by having Parenthood‘s Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard) return to About A Boy (he made a cameo once already!). Ooh ooh ooh when are we getting Tim Riggins taking Minnie Driver’s Fiona out on a date because we would 100% tune in to see that because TEXAS FOREVER, Y’ALL! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Gettin’ Campy with Jimmy and Justin: The BFFdom of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon really is sort of adorable, isn’t it? I mean the two have such a bromance game so strong, it may or may not bring a tear to the eye (if you’re one of those overly sentimental sap-a-doos that just loves it when people really love each other). This is evidenced by, well, pretty much everything they ever do together (and hoo boy is there a lot of that)! Just like in this silly sketch from Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show. Unrelated: do you think Fallon is like ~so~ excited that his kids and Justin’s soon-to-be kid are going to be around the same age? Oh, the playdates!

What are We Missing?: Hot off it’s Golden Globes nomination, Starz’s anthology series The Missing has gotten a second season order. Mazels! Guess we need to check it out, then? Crime stuff! Intrigue! Ooh la la and such! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Parks and Futreation?: That didn’t really work but whatever. There’s a new trailer for the final season of everyone’s favorite network comedy! [Nerdist]

Can You Dig It? Yes We Can!: There’s a trailer for the upcoming USA Network event series, Dig, at last. We interviewed the cast and crew about it at Comic-Con this past July and were pretty intrigued. And now that we’ve seen a trailer we can say with a bit more confidence: this one could be very good! I mean, heck — look at this season of Homeland (arguably one of the series’ best ever); conspiracy and intrigue is totally series creator Gideon Raff’s bag. We’re in it, Dig. We’re in.

FXX Gets ADHD: Sister network Fox has given the greenlight for their block of currently online-only animation — Animation Domination High-Def — to find a TV home on FXX. It will launch a late-night animation block starting on January 22nd that will continue on through the summer. I mean if the Every Simpsons Ever marathon taught them anything, it’s that adults still really, really like animated shows, so! [Deadline]

Charlie Sheen Revisits the Past: Man oh man between this and the news that he’s very likely going to be in the Two and a Half Men premiere? Charlie Sheen’s going all soft on us warlocks, isn’t he? (Guess that’s what happens when people stop caring about your relevance.) The king of Tigerblood is set to pay homage to his character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is pretty funny, we’re not going to lie. His “Boy in the Police Station” character will “appear” in a 2015 episode of The Goldbergs. And there’s photographic evidence of such! [People]

So — show of hands if you’re on board with more animated content on FXX? (Do it in the comments!)

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    Assuming Two and a Half Men premiere actually meant Two and a Half Men finale?