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TV-Cap: Bronn on His GAME OF THRONES Changes, New THE FLASH Tease, Woody Harrelson’s SNL Promos

The bounty is strong and hearty in Thursday’s TV-Cap, my friends. It’s readying itself for winter: stocking up on all the goodness it needs to prepare for the long months ahead. And thanks to its ambitious — and semi-organized — nature, you too can cozy to the best and brightest television news this side of the Internet. I mean where else could one read up on the fifth season dealings on Game of Thrones before being serenaded by Christoph Waltz’s take on the Sesame Street theme song, and end the whole thing with a sneak peek at next week’s new episode of The Flash and Woody Harrelson’s seriously insane (in the best way) Saturday Night Live promos?

NOWHERE ELSE, THAT’S WHERE. So keep your eyeballs locked to Nerdist dot com always and forever because we love you, my babies. Now let’s get to read-watchin’!

Bronn and On and On: Game of Thrones‘ favorite swellsword and friend of Tyrion, Bronn, is going on a mighty different adventure from what he experiences in the books and Flicks in the City got a chance to talk to actor Jerome Flynn about it. “It’s different, let’s put it this way. It’s different than my normal kinda environment for Bronn. It was nice to shake it up.” For what it’s worth, though, it should be noted that Flynn doesn’t read the books so who knows if the general gist is the same — but we’ll find out soon enough! (OK maybe that “soon enough” is wishful thinking but whatever). [WinterIsComing]

Taking an Outsider Off The Bridge: One of the recently cancelled series’ stars — Thomas M. Wright — will play a lead on Outsiders, the story of the Farrell clan living in the hills of Appalachia, struggling for power and to protect the ones they love (and their way of life) from any and everyone who dares dissent. Wright will play Sheriff Houghton, one of those deeply troubled, good cop types. [Deadline]

Christoph Waltz Gets Dramatic: But when is he not, amirite? The hilariously severe Austrian actor brought out his most dramatic of acting chops to impress upon us just the sort of Sesame Street he was exposed to as a child on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night and it was — how you say? — c’est magnifique (and yes we realize that is the wrong language just shut up and DEAL, OK?). [Gawker]

The Dan Cave: Mr. Casey talks about Halo on TV. [Nerdist]

Girder Your Loins: There’s a new baddie en route to The Flash next week and, oh, what’s that? You already know we’re going to tell you it’s the Girder because of the truly amazing, albeit nonsensical in its relevance, pun we used at the beginning of this? Oh well whatever OK FINE THEN.

Black Canary Business: You can finally peep the look that will set Black Canary apart from the rest on Arrow. [Nerdist]

Rich AND Famous Return: Oh good, just what we need, more stuff on TV to make us all feel inadequate in life. NBC is reviving Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and, oh jeez, Nick Cannon is slated to be the host. OKAYYYYYY 🙁 [Entertainment Weekly]

It’s All Justified: …Or is it?! GASP! The sixth season of Justified is probably going to be total fire, as evidenced by the high stakery of its promos thus far. The latest one shows the inevitable, unavoidable showdown that’s set to take place between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder and, hoo boy, it’s a scorcher. One set ablaze, it seems, by Ava Crowder. Because you know how ladies just love to start them a war between dudes and stuff. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! [/film]

Helping Hendrixes: Donnie and Alison’s wildly weird relationship is highlighted in a new Orphan Black video. [Nerdist]

Woody is Just Alright With Me: If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a billion times: Woody Harrelson is a national treasure of the kookiest order. And it definitely shows in his new Saturday Night Live promos.

Seriously, though: is there anyone better than Woody Harrelson? Leave your (obviously wrong) suggestions in the comments.

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