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TV-Cap: BIG HERO 6 Animated Series, AMERICAN GODS Casts Mr. Wednesday, and More

Starz has only announced two cast members for their adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, but so far, they are on point. They recently announced Ian McShane would be joining the cast. Read today’s TV-Cap to learn more about who he’s playing, to find out about Big Hero 6 coming to the small screen, to get some Fuller House scoop, and more.

The Tenth Returns. Doctor Who fans longing for more of the Tenth Doctor should perk up their ears because Big Finish Productions is releasing audio dramas starring David Tennant’s Doctor and Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble. The stories will cover all new adventures, and Radio Times has an exclusive trailer. Go listen and then go watch some of your favorite Tenth Doctor episodes. [Nerdist, Image: Big Finish]

We Are So Satisfied. The world needs more Baymax. Period. And happily, we’ll be getting additional time with him and the rest of the Big Hero 6 team. Disney XD is bringing the world of the film to TV with an animated series premiering in 2017. The series will pick up right after the film and will feature the entire team. Hopefully, they can get most of the voice cast to return. At the very least, they need Scott Adsit. [Nerdist]

Baby’s Sister. In case you’ve forgotten, Dirty Dancing is coming to television in the form of a three-hour movie remake with ABC. The network has cast Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) in the role of Lisa Houseman, Baby’s older sister. [TVLine]

It Lurks in the Ocean. Dan Simmons’ 2007 novel The Terror is headed to AMC. They’re adapting the story of predator that hunts a Royal Naval expedition looking for the Northwest Passage in 1847. The novel is rooted in history but heavily fictionalized. AMC will take the genre horror series in the anthology direction. [Comic Book Resources]

The Underworld. The back half of season five of Once Upon a Time will debut on ABC on March 6, and the heroes are on the way to the Underworld to search for Hook. That means Hercules characters come into the picture, and beyond that, there are still repercussions from Emma’s turn as Dark Swan. IGN has 12 teases about what’s ahead for Storybrooke’s residents. [Image: ABC]

Gods Bless You. Starz is two for two when it comes to casting on American Gods. Ricky Whittle is playing Shadow Moon, and Ian McShane is playing Mr. Wednesday. Ian. Freaking. McShane. I couldn’t pick a better person to play the charismatic Odin. [Nerdist]

Of Course. Nostalgia is one hell of a weapon to have in your arsenal, and Netflix not only has it, they know how to wield it with precision. That’s what they did with Fuller House, and it worked, because they’ve renewed the family sitcom for a second season. [Slashfilm]

Serious Force Business. Wednesday’s Star Wars Rebels set up the board in a big way for Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka. Especially Ahsoka. It was only a matter of time before she discovered a certain, terrible truth and “Shroud of Darkness” faced it head on. Read my recap and thoughts on the episode.

What do you want to see most in the Big Hero 6 animated series? Are you THIS excited about Ian McShane in American Gods? Let me know in the comments.

Featured Image: Disney

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