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TV-Cap: BATES MOTEL Teases, A HANNIBAL Love Interest, and THE EXPANSE’s Zero-Gravity Sex

It’s a video-palooza in today’s TV-Cap, with teasers and behind-the-scenes looks aplenty coming from some of your favorite shows. From the creepy and camptastastical Bates Motel and WGN America’s Salem, to a bevy of new series trailers and another clip from HBO’s Togetherness and beyond, Friday is fun and fancy-free. That means more fun video business for you and a heck of a lot less word stuff for me. Which really just means that we’re all winners today. aren’t we?

So let’s get down to business!


First Up: Joe McCabe chatted up the Community gang about their upcoming season — ain’t that grand? [Nerdist]

From Norman to Norma (And Every Creepy Thing In-Between): Oh that Norman Bates. That creepy, creepy Norman Bates. What a stone-cold weirdo — and he’s only growing stronger. The third season of A&E’s series Bates Motel is very nearly upon us (March 9th will be here sooner than you even realize it) and to celebrate (read: promote) Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore’s return to the motel, they’ve released both a new trailer and a creepy teaser that shows the bizarre relationship between mother and son with a bit of artistic flair because why not, right?

First up is the trailer itself:

And next? The aforementioned artsy li’l teaser:

…and a behind-the-scenes video, too:

Benched Gets, Well, Benched: It was far too easy of a headline but you know what, guys? Sometimes that’s just the road you have to take. Like with Thursday’s announcement that USA’s Benched was cancelled. Sorry, Eliza! [Deadline]

Trying to Get Togetherness: Aww, Brett and Michelle! These two! Look at them just trying to make it work. Well…sorta. If you watched the premiere episode last Sunday of the Duplass Brothers’ Togetherness then you know these two crazy kids really do want to make it work …despite how hard it seems to be for them. This week we see Michelle trying something a little bit new and — dare we say it? — 50 Shades of Grey-sies. Too bad all Brett wants is a snack.

Anne’s Gone Full-Witch: Well it was quite the shock to learn that Anne Hale was a witch on WGN America’s Salem. So, naturally, the series is opening up its season two trailer game with a seriously demented and totally messed-up (in the spookiest way) clip depicting her, blood, and a bunch of rats. Times in Salem, they are a-changing! Anne Hale what WOULD your father say?

Also?: The McCabester got himself entangled with the Agent Carter cast, too! [Nerdist]

Boyhood Meets World Brings the Feels: Anything with the Boyhood soundtrack playing in the background is going to make you feel things. Couple it with ’90s nostalgia bullet train Boy Meets World, and well? You’ve got yourself a real humdinger called Boyhood Meets World, Internet. Way to go: you’ve won. Look at you! [Vulture]

Major Changes Coming to Hannibal: NBC’s I-cannot-believe-this-is-on-network-TV series, Hannibal, has some big changes in store for its third season, involving both a time-jump (starting in episode 8, allegedly?) that’ll take us several years into the future …and the marriage of Will Graham? Yep: according to TVLine, the series is currently casting Molly Graham, a totally real character in the Thomas Harris novels. Sorry, all of you Alana Bloom/Will Graham shippers. [TVLine]

And Finally? SPACE SEX: OK, yes listen: Syfy’s epic-looking new series The Expanse actually does seem to hold a bit of promise, but we can’t think or say or do anything beyond yelling “ZERO-GRAVITY SEXYTIMES!” and grabbing our head. Hey wait: is this even possible? Sounds like a question for Science editor Kyle Hill. We’re sure that won’t be awkward! But you should totally tweet him about it anyway.

Thoughts on The Expanse beyond “LOL zero gravity sex!!!”? Let us hear ’em in the comments.

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