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TV-Cap: ASH VS EVIL DEAD at Comic-Con, THE LEFTOVERS Season 2 Trailer, & More

How’s everyone feeling this morning after last night’s Game of Thrones Season 5 finale? Without spoiling a thing, I think it’s safe to say we could all use a group hug. But, let’s be honest, we don’t watch Game of Thrones because it puts smiles on our faces. The show is dark and full of terrors. Keep reading today’s TV-Cap to see the recap for the Game of Thrones finale, to watch the first teaser for Season 2 of The Leftovers, to see another Gilmore Girls reunion video, and more.

Well, That’s a Departure. HBO’s The Leftovers is changing the game in Season 2. Drastically. They’re picking up and moving from Mapleton, New York to Jarden, Texas, and the first teaser for the upcoming season shows everyone is desperate to get into Jarden. Apparently, the change in locale also means several regular cast members won’t return. What do you think about this twist? [Deadline]

Is It the End? So, last night’s Game of Thrones was exciting, eh? Season 5 brought dramatic endings for several characters–including some twists for fan favorites. I won’t spoil a thing in case you haven’t seen it, but those in the know can sort through the ins and outs of the episode by reading Alicia’s recap of “Mother’s Mercy.”

Faces in France. Season 2 of Outlander has gained even more new faces. The fresh setting of Paris is giving us an opportunity to meet acquaintances of Jamie Fraser, old and new. Margaux Chatelier has been cast as Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Annalise de Marillac, and Monsieur Joseph Duverney has been cast as the Minster of Finance to Louis XV. The Minster is Jamie’s chess buddy. [TV Fanatic]

Zombies and Highlanders. Starz is headed to San Diego for Comic-Con International. Can you believe the convention is only three weeks and some change away? We’ll have the complete panel schedule soon, but for now, you can add Outlander and Ash vs Evil Dead to your list. Ash vs Evil Dead will take place Friday, July 10, at 6pm in Room 6A, and Outlander will happen on Saturday, July 11, at 4pm in Ballroom 20. Yes, there will be lines. [Nerdist]

Oh, and Vikings. History’s Vikings seems to be a consistently popular panel at Comic-Con, and they’ll be invading again this year. The panel will take place on July 10 in Room 6A, and stars Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, and Alexander Ludwig will attend. They’ll have looks at the upcoming fourth season. The Vikings experience will extend beyond the convention center with a long ship in San Diego harbor (fans will have the chance to win a sunset cruise with the cast), horn-shaped beer mugs at some bars in the Gaslamp district, and more. [Deadline]

Never Enough. If you thought getting one Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Television Festival was fabulous, what about two? I’m trying to think of a Lorelei quote that expresses pure joy, but I can’t so let’s go with yay! Amy Sherman Palladino, Jared Padalecki, Kelly Bishop, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, and Scott Patterson had an hour-long chat with the Today show before their panel at the festival, and the whole thing is online for your enjoyment. This is the best possible news to get on a Monday. [TVLine]

Change in the Air. Season 3 of Orange is the New Black arrived on Netflix over the weekend. Raise your hand if you spent Saturday or Sunday hanging out with the ladies of Litchfield. Alicia is watching the new episodes and recapping them, and you can catch up with her thoughts on the second, third, and fourth installments right here.

Father Figure. Supergirl is bringing Dean Cain back into the world of superheroes, but this time he’s not wearing a cape. Cain will play Kara’s adoptive father Fred Danvers. He spoke with Comic Book Resources (CBR) about the role, and it seems like he’s enthusiastic about appearing in the series. He says, “I love being part of the whole Superman lore. If I get a chance to do anything in the films or shows, I embrace it. It’s not something I feel pigeonholed into since I’ve done so many other films and projects. I’m a fan, as well as someone who has gotten to play these characters. I embrace the heck out of it. I’ll do it as often as I can.” Read the complete interview at CBR.

Getting the Job Done. It’s time to meet some bounty hunters. Syfy’s upcoming series Killjoys follows a trio of people in the business of tracking people down. And oh yeah, it takes place in space. Killjoys will premiere on June 19, but Joseph has the inside scoop. Read what he learned about the show right here at Nerdist.

What are your thoughts on the Game of Thrones finale? Kind of intense, huh? Jump to the comments and let me know how you’re feeling.

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