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TV-Cap: ARROW Midseason Trailer Goes Darhk, SUPERGIRL Casts Young Kal-El, and More

What a week for comic book and genre television! The Flash and Agent Carter have returned, Supergirl has cast an actor to play a young Kal-El, Legends of Tomorrow found its Jonah Hex (and, hey, it also premieres on January 21), and a teenage Princess Leia is going to appear on Star Wars Rebels. It’s a lot to keep up with, but don’t fret. I have all the highlights in today’s TV-Cap.

Regal Arrival. Ugh, those meddling Alderaanians. The Empire has clearly encountered a few of the peaceful planet’s delegations, but this lieutenant doesn’t know what he’s in for. In the next episode of Star Wars Rebels, “A Princess on Lothal,” Princess Leia Organa visits Lothal to assist the Rebellion under the guise of providing relief. The episode will air on Disney XD on January 20. I’d watch your back, Lieutenant. [Comic Book Resources]

Intrigue and Heartache. Marvel’s Agent Carter made a strong return on Tuesday. Peggy is back to form for season two, and the two-hour premiere set up an enemy and a mystery that are sure to make things awfully interesting for Peggy and the Strategic Scientific Reserve in the weeks ahead. You can read my recap of “The Lady in the Lake” and “A View in the Dark” right this way.

Baby Supes. Supergirl centers on Kara Danvers, but her famous cousin comes into the picture now and again. A young Kal-El will appear in the show’s adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s “For the Man Who Has Everything.” Kara will find herself tricked into believing she’s back on Krypton, and she’ll encounter Kal-El. He’ll be played by Daniel DiMaggio. [Den of Geek]

Instant Gratification. Did you miss the premiere of Syfy’s The Magicians? The series, which is sort of like Harry Potter for adults, is based on the novels by Lev Grossman. Syfy dropped the pilot on the sly in December even though it doesn’t officially premiere until January 25. You don’t have to wait, though, because they’ve put the whole first episode on YouTube. Let us know what you think of the pilot in the comments. [Slashfilm]

Flipping the Triangle. Where there are young people on a quest on television, there’s a love triangle. I’m pretty sure it’s an unbreakable rule. MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles is trying to keep it fresh, and the interesting personalities of the three characters in the triangle do help. There’s the half-elf/half-human Wil, the elf Amberle, and the human Eretria. Read executive producer Miles Millar’s comments on the topic here at Nerdist.

Yep, It’s Happening. CBS has given a pilot order to a drama based on the Nancy Drew books. They’re going for a modern take on the novels with Drew and plan to drastically age up Nancy. She’ll be in her 30s and working for the NYPD. Hmm. I’m curious to see how they’ll make it differ from shows like Veronica Mars and other police dramas/procedurals on television. Fingers crossed they find an effective hook. [Deadline]

A Fierce Addition. The CW’s new time-traveling superhero show has found its Jonah Hex. Legends of Tomorrow cast Johnathan Schaech (who you might remember from That Thing You Do which I might be bringing up just to get the song of the same title stuck in your head) as the gritty, no-nonsense bounty hunter. He apparently knows a thing or two about time travel. Hex will make his entrance in the 11th episode of the series. [Nerdist]

But, Wait! If you’re itching to get as much information about Legends of Tomorrow as you can into your eyeballs, read comments from the cast and executive producer Phil Klemmer from my visit to the set last fall.

Darhk Days. Will I ever get tired of using Damien Darhk’s name whenever possible? No, I won’t. He’s as much a threat as ever in the upcoming back half of season four of Arrow. The midseason sizzle reel features a fair amount of blood, a new mayoral candidate, the return of Roy, and far too many people in danger. And also, is that another Felicity flashback? Arrow returns on January 20. [TV Fanatic]

Keep Grinding. Oh, my dear Winchesters. You deserve so many days off, but you can’t take a break. The brothers have Hell ahead in the back half of Supernatural’s 11th season. Literally. They have to deal with Lucifer and the Darkness and goodness knows what else. A trailer for the remainder of the season shows rough times ahead but also wrestling and Santa Claus. Supernatural is back on Wednesday, January 20. [Nerdist]

What are you theories for the rest of season four of Arrow? Share them in the comments!


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