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TV-Cap: AGENT CARTER’S Big MCU Connection, ONCE UPON A TIME’S Queens of Darkness, & More

Good morning, friends. Today is Friday (you probably knew that), and it’s the Friday before the Super Bowl (I only recently learned that). I hope you’re using the big game as an excuse to make a ton of delicious snacks. Need ideas? I suggest covering a variety of things in crushed Doritos and/or cheese. OK, maybe I don’t have the best recipes but I do have television news! Read on for tidbits from Once Upon a Time, Supergirl, Agent Carter, The Blacklist, and more.


Look Out, Storybrooke! Once Upon a Time returns on March 1st, and though Storybrooke is de-Frozenified, new villains are ready to sweep in. We’ve met Ursula (Merrin Dungey), Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten), and Cruella De Vil (Victoria Smurfit), and a new poster shows them looking awfully intimidating… and glamorous. [TVLine]

Saying Farewell. I can tell by your puffy eyes that many of you watched the final episode of Parenthood last night. If you can bear to be reminded of the pain, head to The Hollywood Reporter and read showrunner Jason Katims’s heartfelt goodbye to the series.

Pay The Pied Piper. Hartley Rathaway came to Central City with revenge on the mind in this week’s The Flash, but he got more than he bargained for. When will metahumans learn not to mess with the STAR Labs team? Read Joseph’s review of “The Sound and the Fury.”


Dottie Unveiled. If you’re not current on Marvel’s Agent Carter look away. No, really – close your eyes and scroll down. Still here? In the last episode we learned there’s more to Dottie’s (Bridget Regan) story than we thought. She displayed some fierce fighting skills and if you suspected her training comes from the same place as a certain Avenger, you’d be right. Showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas discuss this connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at IGN. Also, Marvel has a shiny new gallery for next week’s episode where Peggy will be reunited with the Howling Commandos.

Make Room In Camp Firewood. Things are getting crowded on Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer. They just added a bounty of new recruits including Jon Hamm, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Schwartzman. I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited about the limited series, but I was so wrong. This makes me want to go to summer camp again. [TVLine]

Where In the World is Red? Get ready to join a scavenger hunt to track down the elusive Red Reddington from The Blacklist. NBC is hosting #RedOnTheRun, a scavenger hunt that spans 25 cities, from February 2-5. Don’t worry – no FBI training is required to participate. Get all the details at NBC.

Catch Some Adorable. As mentioned, the Super Bowl is this weekend and that means it’s also time for Conan O’Brien’s “Puppy Conan.” You’ve never heard of it? It’s a puppy version of Conan. The puppies roll around on a mini couch and wear wigs and ties, and it is so very precious. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Skipping the Middle Man. Nickelodeon has a direct-to-consumer subscription service in the works. How amazing would it be if every channel offered subscription services to make cable more a la carte? Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said the service will be geared towards young viewers and more details will be announced in the spring. [Deadline]


Snap That Picture. The Supergirl series has cast its Jimmy Olsen. Mehcad Brooks (True Blood) will be portraying the photographer; Olsen is a co-worker of Kara’s at CatCo. Actually, it sounds like they’ll be more than just co-workers. [Hitfix]

Who else is freaking out about the Agent Carter news? Tell us all your feelings in the comments.

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  1. antonio says:

    Background looks exactly like 60s Star trek sets!

  2. Brian says:

    All I want to know is whether we’ll get to see a young Nick Fury on Agent Carter. I WANT THIS SOOOOO BADLY!

    • Brian says:

      Or, since the MCU version apparently isn’t born until 1953, Jack Fury. That would be (slightly less) cool, I guess.

      • epobirs says:

        Since they were going from the Ultimate Universe version of Fury, he was a lot older but had his life greatly extended by his involuntary participation in the Super Soldier program that also produced Captain America. He escapes and goes underground for many years but is eventually recruited by the US intel community. Search Wikipedia for Ultimate Nick Fury to search the entire convoluted timeline.

        It was never stated, AFAIK, whether the Ultimate Universe Captain America knew about this part of Fury’s past. In any case, they could use a version of that story to bring a character in who is hinted to be Nick Fury without giving his true name.