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Oh hey there, friends! We’re creeping closer and closer to All Hallows’ Eve, a/k/a Halloween, and it sort of feels like this week is moving at a glacial speed. We want ghosts! We want goblins! We definitely want candy. And we want even more of all that spooky, scary #Nerdoween content to keep us monster mashing ’til Friday rolls around. Because we love you, we’ve got a grab bag of delectable TV news for you to consume, but be careful: you don’t want to overdo and it get sick. (Leave me alone, mom!) Without further ado, onto the television treats!

Agent Carter‘s Kicking Ass and Taking Names. (… And wearing an awesome Carmen San Diego hat?) In the midst of all that Marvel hullaballoo from earlier this week, some of you may have missed a brand new TV spot for Marvel’s upcoming small screen fare, the much-anticipated Agent Carter. “Sometimes the best man for the job… is a woman.” Who’da thunk? *Raises hand* [ScreenRant]

Who Is, Vince Gilligan? Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan got his very own category on Jeopardy Monday night, and the folks over at the A.V. Club have imagined what that experience must have been like for the charming Southern genius: [A.V. Club]


Game of Thrones Fans Are Obsessive All Over the World! Game of Thrones is currently filming in countries all across the globe, and fans in the area are trying to catch a peek at filming. (Hey, wouldn’t you?) Vulture has a handy/hilarious gallery of ways the producers are trying to keep fans away, from strategically placed umbrellas to polite notes. All to, presumably, no avail. [Vulture]

Get Me This Book, STAT: Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies. Sesame Street has done it again, this time with a Harry Potter parody that made me both nostalgic for the books and hungry. Well played, Cookie Monster. Well played. [Nerdist]

More Child Favorites Turned into TV Shows. Yes, I know that Richie Rich was a comic strip, but it was also a quintessential ’90s movie for every daydreaming kid. I mean, Ri¢hie Ri¢h (Macauley Culkin, of course) had it all… well, except friends, I suppose. Anyway, Dreamworks Animation’s AwesomeTV has sold a live-action Richie Rich series to Netflix, so like it or not, we’ll be seeing that soon! [Variety]


FUNimation Broadcast Dubs for Laughing Under the Clouds and Psycho-Pass 2. FUNimation Sr. Manager of Social Strategy and Development, Justin Rojas swung by Nerdist HQ to talk about the new subscriber-based initiative with our own Malik Forte! Read more about it right here right meow: [Nerdist]

Vague Tidbits about The Leftovers Are Vague. But hey, that’s the spirit of any Lindelof show, right? In a turn of events that surprised everyone who stuck around for The Leftovers, including me, the last few episodes of the HBO rapture (maybe?) drama really tied the whole thing together. Damn you, Lindelof! Why can’t I quit you? Lindelof answered some questions about season two, including the possibility that Ann Dowd’s Patti would be back: [TVLine]

Well, that about does it for us at the ol’ TV-Cap! We’ll be back tomorrow with some fresh television news and a celebratory spooky dance, for it shall finally be Halloween!

Images: ABC/Marvel, Splash News

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