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TV-Cap: AGENT CARTER Promo Introduces Jarvis’ Wife, OUTLANDER Teaser, and More

It’s been quite the week for comic book television already. Gotham’s midseason finale aired and teased a new villain, and the first part of The Flash/Arrow crossover has happened and brought Vandal Savage into the picture. Exciting is the only word to use. Today’s TV-Cap has a couple of comic book items with some concept art for Hawkgirl and Hawkman, a Gotham teaser, and an Agent Carter promo introducing Ana Jarvis, but there’s more–including a teaser for Season 2 of Outlander and news about a Rambo TV series.

Father and Son. The big screen isn’t large enough to contain Rambo. The character could be coming to television thanks to Fox. They’re developing Rambo: New Blood, and they’ve managed to get Sylvester Stallone on board as the executive producer. The series would focus on the relationship between Rambo and his son, J.R.. Yeah, everyone has daddy issues. [Nerdist]

Note: Spoilers for Gotham follow.

Brrr. We learned this fall that Nathan Darrow had been cast as Mister Freeze for Season 2 of Gotham, and he made his first appearance in the midseason finale on Monday. A teaser for the the upcoming back half of the “Rise of the Villains” season emphasizes that things are about to get chilly in the city. [Comic Book Resources]

The Doctor and the Android. Supergirl battled Red Tornado in the most recent episode, and she got angry. Very angry. “Red Faced” showed a much more intense Kara. Iddo Goldberg was on the receiving end of her ire as Red Tornado and Dr. T. O. Morrow, and our own Joseph McCabe talked to him about the role. Read the complete interview right this way.

Change the Future. Jamie knows the truth about Claire’s time traveling ways, and that means Season 2 of Outlander will be quite interesting. Besides the fact that the couple is on the way to Paris and expecting a baby, they’re planning to change history and stop Bonnie Prince Charlie. The first teaser for the season–which will air in spring 2016–has romance and action and looks intriguing. [Nerdist]

Music and Muppets. Your Wednesday needs two doses of The Muppets getting musical, right? Right. First, there’s a drum-off between Dave Grohl and Animal, and on a completely different note, there’s Joseph Gordon Levitt performing a love song duet with Miss Piggy. [Nerdist]

Bird Girl. Hawkgirl made her debut in Tuesday’s The Flash, and it was as glorious as I imagined it would be–even if Hawkman did mansplain the heck out of their history to her. Artist Andy Poon tweeted a look at the concept art he did for the costume, and it looks pretty close to the final product by designer Maya Mani. [Newsarama]

Fine, here’s Hawkman, too.

Still Searching. The return of The X-Files to our televisions isn’t so far away. Mulder and Scully will be back on January 24 on Fox, and there’s a new poster for the six-episode event. How does Scully always manage to look so classy and fierce? It’s not fair. [Nerdist, Image: Fox, Entertainment Weekly]

Cup O’ Cheer. Netflix has released a deliciously ’90s commercial-esque trailer for A Very Murray Christmas, and it’s making me want to pour some eggnog and decorate a tree right this very second. The holiday special will arrive on Netflix on December 4. [Nerdist]

Multipurpose Garter. Plenty of things are changing for Season 2 of Agent Carter. Peggy and company have up and moved to Los Angeles, for starters, and the series will introduce Jarvis’ wife Ana (Lotte Verbeek). Get your first glimpse at her in the above promo as she shows Peggy a garter that also works as a holster. Also: please note that the Season 2 premiere for Agent Carter has moved from January 5 to January 19. They had to shuffle it because of the scheduling of the State of the Union address. [The Daily Dot, IGN]

Will you be watching A Very Murray Christmas? What are your thoughts on the Outlander teaser? Let me know in the comments.

Featured Image: ABC

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