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TV-Cap: AGENT CARTER Gets a Costar, Jack Crawford Heads to DAREDEVIL, Plus Fishy GOTHAM Gossip

Friends and frenemies and general television fanatics! Welcome to your Tuesday edition of the TV-Cap! I, Alicia Lutes, your fearless TV obsessor, am back from an extended trip to the South and more than ready and rarin’ to go on the small screen front. There’s so much news! Because it’s FINALLY TV SEASON AT LAST! With a bevy of premieres this week — including tonight’s return of the cutest comedy currently on TV, The Mindy Project — we’ve got heaps to talk about and lots of news about shows from ~the future~ so let’s get started, shall we? YES LET’S!

Oh, also, apparently every show is a comic book show so JUST BE PREPARED, OK?

Jack Crawford’s a Daredevil: No, not the Laurence Fisbourne one, the original Jack Crawford, Scott Glenn (he was also Kevin Garvey, Sr. on The Leftovers for all you HBO nerds), has joined the cast of Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix. The actor’s slated to play Stick, “the mysterious martial artist and mentor of Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox).” Oh also Vincent D’Onofrio is in this thing so OBVIOUSLY we’re on board. I mean, obviously. [Deadline]

It’s Gonna Be…Legendary: Netflix has given a two-season order to the Lesley Arfin/Judd Apatow comedy show starring Gillian Jacobs and HEY ANYBODY NEED A WRITER’S ASSISTANT? [Nerdist]

Dr. Tina McGee Returns: You guys, Amanda Pays is back! The actress, who played Dr. Tina McGee in the 1990 CBS version of The Flash TV show, will reprise said role on the CW version. Also fun? That iteration’s Barry Allen — John Wesley Shipp — recurs as current Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)’s father. Get ready for SO MANY IN-JOKES, you guys! There’s also a twist but it might be potentially spoiler-y so if you want to know it click the link (DO IT DO IT)! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Nasim Pedrad is the Best Aziz Ansari: No, seriously: [Team Coco]

ANOTHER COMIC BOOK SHOW ALERT: Well they’ve already conquered movies so might as well conquer TV, eh? This time Fox will be tackling DC Comics’ Lucifer. [Nerdist]

#TrueDetectiveSeasonTwoWillNeverStopSpeculating: Hey, here’s an idea, Nic Pizzolatto: instead of just naming literally every single relevant female actress in Hollywood for the ONE female lead on True Detective‘s second season, why not go back to that old plan where you had more than one, eh? EH?! PLEASE?! Sigh. Anyway, in addition to Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Malin Akerman, Rosario Dawson, Brit Marling, Oona Chaplin, Jaimie Alexander, and Kelly Reilly have all received callbacks for the same role. A “tough, no-nonsense Monterey sheriff.” O…K…? [The A.V. Club]

New Gotham Details are Super Fishy: When speaking about the mysterious woman that she plays, Jada Pinkett Smith gave heaps of insight into just who she is — and the Fishy lass sounds pretty dangerous. “My character wants to have her chance at taking over Gotham — she works for the Falcone family which is one of the mob families that’s running Gotham,” said Pinkett Smith of her Gotham character Fish Mooney. “A lot of people say she is the mother of evil and has influenced some of the villains that we know already.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here’s a Thing: Another reason to love Diane Keaton and it totally works for a TV tidbit because Parks and Rec, right?

SNL Hires Another: Way to make us all feel super inadequate, very funny human Pete Davidson, latest cast member of Saturday Night Live who is 20-YEARS-OLD and oh god oh god I’m never going to accomplish anything in my life, am I? [Nerdist]

The Butler Did It!: And by “it” we mean “joined the cast” because James D’Arcy just nabbed himself a co-starring role on Agent Carter opposite Hayley Atwell as Howard Stark’s butler so WEEEE! [Variety]

James Spader at His Spader-iest: Here’s an interview with everyone’s favorite fedora obsessive if you’re curious about The Blacklist‘s second season. [TVLine]

Don’t Call It The Comeback: Or, you know, do, because that’s the name of the show. HBO released a new teaser image for the series’ return and HERE IT IS!


OK, so — what do you think Fish Mooney taught Penguin and the Riddler? Let’s speculate in the comments.

Featured Image: Fox

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