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TV-Cap: a VAMPIRE Heads to THE FLASH, Deleted SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Sketch, & a Clip from EMPIRE

Hello there my favorite television watchers on the whole of the Internet! (Yes, you!) It’s Tuesday morning which can only mean one thing: it’s TV-Cap time! With news from The Flash, True Detective, and a bevy of clips from shows like Saturday Night Live, Empire, and Parenthood, today’s little small screen rundown is sure to deter you from doing anything of note on this, the allegedly most productive workday of the week.

So dig in!

Even The Flash Needs a Lil Lovin’: So brace yourselves, fans of CW’s The Flash, because The Vampire Diaries and Star-Crossed alum Malese Jow has been cast to recur as the pivotal DC Comics character Linda Park on the series. Her character is slated to be a quick-witted reporter for the Central City Picture News who befriends Iris (Candice Patton) at work, helping her navigate their particular world of journalism. She meets Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) at a local bar and the two hit it off like gangbusters. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Kids Aren’t Alright: Oh, look! It’s a digital short that was cut from Saturday’s Jim Carrey-irific episode of Saturday Night Live. Oh that Mike O’Brien. DAMN KIDS!

Tim Riggins, True Detective: Texas Forever, y’all! Taylor Kitsch has confirmed that he will indeed star on the second season of True Detective. We just hope he can remember that with clear eyes and full hearts he cannot lose. Not even a crime case. JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND, TAY-TAY. [Nerdist]

Ugh Ugh Ugh: Here’s a thing you don’t expect to read every day: Mark Harmon (yeah the dude that’s the lead on NCIS) has created a series for The CW about the young life of this writerly fella you may have heard of: I think he goes by Billy Shakes? It’s called Shakespeare’s Sisters even though, from the synopsis, it has absolutely nothing to do with his siblings? It’s about some fight he has with a bunch of witches at the Queen of England and also black magic and it’s apparently Game of Thrones meets Shakespeare in Love and oh, look: derivative thing is probably going to be derivative. Also I’m still really hung up on the name. WHO ARE HIS SISTERS? WHY ARE THEY IN THE TITLE BUT NOWHERE IN THE SYNOPSIS? I AM CONFUSED. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Reunited and It Feels So Good: Silicon Valley is back in production. PRAISE STEVE JOBS:

S.H.I.E.L.D Shenangians: Joe McCabe chatted up Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D EP Maurissa Tancharoen about season two. You should read the thing so click the thing OK, OK!? [Nerdist]

CBS Picks Up: There are full season orders for Madam Secretary, Scorpion, Stalker, and NCIS: New Orleans. Also does anyone else think it’s hilarious/crazy/not surprising that the average age of viewers of Madam Secretary is 63? Woowzah. [Entertainment Weekly]

Welcome to Terrence Howard’s Empire: The slick and highly anticipated series from Lee Daniels and Danny Strong (the team behind The Butler) will follow Lucious Lyon (Terrance Howard) after he’s diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, forcing him to reconsider all of his life choices and reprioritize the people and projects he wants in it while still trying to maintain his self-made music empire. His ex-wife is named Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), which is fantastic. The Fox drama is set to air in January — here’s the trailer! [IndieWire]

WikiHow to Get a Girlfriend: Snap, crackle, AND pop — does Max Braverman have himself a ladyfriend on Parenthood? [Entertainment Weekly]

And FINALLY!: Happy belated birthday, Emilia Clarke, Khaleesi of our hearts and minds! That cake looks fit for the mother of dragons. [The MarySue]

So — what do you think of the Linda Park casting? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Images: The CW

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  1. Xando says:

    My dad is 63 and watches madam secretary.

  2. WayneAP says:

    The average age of “Madame Secretary” viewers is 63?  It’s doomed, a la “The Glades”, “Longmire”, “Harry’s Law”, et al.  These are all shows cancelled in the past few years because their audiences didn’t match the “target demographic” of 18 – 29.

  3. Anon says:

    Shakespeare’s Sisters refers to the three witches from Macbeth, known as the “weird sisters.”