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TV-CAP: A Sneak Peek of PARKS AND REC, Another Cersei on GAME OF THRONES, and PGA’s TV Nods

Happy Tuesday, TV fanatics! And oh, what a Tuesday it is — why, we’re just rolling in the tidbits when it comes to TV’s finest. All the best news from some of your favorites, like a brand-new clip from Parks and Recreation and news of a second Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, and even some new fun stuff involving Agent Carter and 12 Monkeys. Today’s TV news is so meaty, you’re going to need a bigger fork!

So let’s dig in to today’s TV-Cap, it’s sooooo delicious.

In the Future…: Jamm is dating Tammy 2?! And dressing just like Ron mothereffing Swanson? What is this alternate reality we’ve stepped into? What is the calamity of this existence?! Oh, wait, what’s that? It’s all just part of the totally delightful final season of Parks and Recreation master plan? AAAAAND it involves someone — finally! — slapping the shit out of Councilman Jamm? Good/great/awesome/sign us up for more! [Entertainment Weekly]

Couldn’t Have Said it Better: Amy’s love and excitement for Agent Carter is ON POINT. Preach, Amy, preaaaaaach! [Nerdist]

The PGA Honors TV’s Best: And no, we don’t mean the Professional Golfers’ Association, gramps. We mean the Producers Guild. Those guys. There’s a lot of honorees! Here’s some of the highlights (you can read the rest at the link). [IndieWire]

The Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama:
Breaking Bad (AMC)
Downton Abbey (PBS)
Game Of Thrones (HBO)
House Of Cards (Netflix)
True Detective (HBO)

The Danny Thomas Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Comedy:
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Louie (FX)
Modern Family (ABC)
Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)
Veep (HBO)

The David L. Wolper Award for Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television:
American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX)
Fargo (FX)
The Normal Heart (HBO)
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History (PBS)
Sherlock (PBS)

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television:
The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO)
Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

The Award for Outstanding Digital Series:
30 For 30 Shorts
Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
COSMOS: A National Geographic Deeper Dive
Epic Rap Battles Of History
Video Game High School Season 3

That’s So Shoshanna: Oh Shosh. Of all the girls on Girls, she is the most ridiculous and therefore maybe the best. Her complete lack of respect for reality is on comedic full-display in this deleted scene from season three — the episode where they pick up Jessa from rehab. It is Shosh at her Shoshiest. Which is to say that it’s funny. [People]

Happily Never After: Chris Carter’s Amazon series is no more, we’re afraid to say. [Nerdist]

The Slap Heard ‘Round the Internet: OK, full disclosure — this trailer is shocking. Not because of the eponymous slap, but rather because …did anyone picture THIS being the show, The Slap, after reading the synopsis about it? Sure, it’s an adaptation of an Australian show, but in its American iteration, it sounded like a goofy comedy sorta-thing with a bit of a darker edge. But this? This is full-on mega-drama (until the slap comes around, which is built up in such a way that, I just…?) of the NBCiest order. We’re confused! And unsure! And, clearly, need to know more, because Zachary Quinto and Peter Sarsgaard.

Another Cersei for Game of Thrones: You thought having ONE around was bad? How about two? Hey: at least the newest Cersei — to be played by Nell Williams — is also the youngest. Yes, spoiler-city, but: we will be getting flashbacks during season five of Game of Thrones and sister twincest will be involved. They’ve also cast another young girl for a mysterious role known only as Ghita. Time will tell if the two are related in some way. [Watchers on the Wall]

And Finally!: Peep the first 9 minutes of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys right here right MEOW: [Nerdist]

So, OK! What’s everyone think about our new mini-Cersei and the inclusion of flashbacks in season five? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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