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TV-Cap: A New DOCTOR Who Trailer, Plus Thoughts on That SIMPSONS/FAMILY GUY Mash-Up

Happy Tuesday, TV-Cappers! Hope you remembered to move your car before street sweeping this morning. We’ve got a heaping helping of small screen news so instead of boring you with another silly, overly drawn out introduction we’ll just get right to it. Because WHY NOT, right? YOU DON’T OWN MY LIFE, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. Jeez.


This’ll Be a Moonwalk: This Saturday on Doctor Who, Clara and the Doctor head to the moon. There are dead people. And spiders. And some sort of terrible decision that is hard and must be made. There will probably still be no answers about Missy, but more likely than not a tiff between Clara and Twelve about her boyfriend P.E. because apparently the Doctor hates soldiers on a very personal level now.

Jo Grant in the TARDIS Once More: And while we’re on that DW tip: Katy Manning is a national treasure (in the international sense). Her trip to visit Twelve and Clara at the Christmas Special taping in the TARDIS is one of the better Old/New Doctor Who worlds-collide moments we’ve seen. THESE TWO! [Nerdist]

START WATCHING THE KNICK, VERDAMNIT: Seriously it’s pretty interesting, innovative (stylistically) stuff that Soderbergh is doing over on Cinemax’s The Knick. Also André Holland for all of the awards (sorry, Clive). [Vulture]

Cannibals Only Listen to Vinyl: Anyone else out there a big Hannibal fan? Rendered totally transfixed and terrified, week in and week out, thanks largely in part to the atmosphere the series creates? Well one part of that atmospheric business will soon be available for you to own, because Invada Records is putting out 4 chronologically organized LPs featuring the music from seasons one and two so great ready to feel real creeped out for the rest of your days. [Bloody Disgusting]

Alpha House Premiere Date: Season two’s episodes from the Amazon comedy will drop on October 24th. [Deadline]

Outlander Redux: What’s all the fuss about Outlander? Where are we at in the story at this mid-season point? Need a place to freak out about your theories and/or adoration of the show’s characters? Head on over to our post-mortem on the series. It’s OK, we’re all friends here. [Nerdist]

Should You Watch Legend of Korra?: I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. I’m not a big animation fan to be honest but this list on io9 has be all but convinced I might have to try out an episode or two of The Legend of Korra. My old coworker Matt Patches will no doubt be devastated it wasn’t his obsessive love that did it. [io9]

An Affair to Remember: The thing about Showtime’s new series The Affair that feels particularly exciting is hands-down its method of storytelling. Oh yeah, there’s that whole Joshua Jackson thing, too. Because, you know. But! It’s also mostly it’s the former (because we’re more than our middle school, Dawson’s Creek era crushes, or so we tell ourselves) — because who doesn’t like to look at the different ways in which people remember things. Right? If you don’t believe us why not try on these new teaser clips from the series for size?

About That Family Guy/Simpsons Crossover: Apparently that Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode was very divisive! People either loved it or hated it (because life is very polarizing). [The Huffington Post]

Agents of Geekonomics: Jenn Fujikawa is a part of Team Nerdist now, didja hear? The incredible craft geek’s regular column, Home Geekonomics, is here and ready to help you get your DIY on. Like this post on Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. It’ll take you away to a happy place, kinda like Tahiti. [Nerdist]

Kid Cudi and Method Man Get Hacked: …and by that I mean they’re going to appear on Scorpion. [Entertainment Weekly]

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