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TV-Cap: A New DOCTOR WHO Poster, Plus James Franco and Seth Rogen are NAKED AND AFRAID (Maybe)

Does somebody have a case of the Mondays? Certainly it couldn’t be you, fair Internetperson, because the Nerdist TV-Cap is here! And you’re reading it! Which could only mean one thing: you are full of joy and happiness and general woop-a-dee-doo! Right? RIGHT?!

Kill The Poster: We’re really digging this whole “design a poster based on the episode” thing that the BBC has been doing with some of its series as of late. They did a few for Orphan Black during this past season two, and we’ve been getting one for each episode of Doctor Who this season. This past Saturday’s episode, “Kill The Moon,” has a pretty funky one and we’re going to share it with you here, because we’re nothing if not afraid of being service-y, folks. Weee! [Radio Times]

Speaking of Who…: Our own professional Whovian Kyle Anderson wrote up a review of that aforementioned most recent episode for us right here, so do the click-click bit: [Nerdist]

Racism!: Oh, look: Bill Maher said some more unsavory blanket statements about Islam and Muslims and Ben Battfleck had some “I do not appreciate this” words that involved swearing and yelling and the like.
Reunited And It Feels So…Terrifying: The cast of HBO’s The Wire (you know, that one show that everyone and their mother will shame you for having not watched and question your loyalties as a television obsessive should you not be able to recite every single one of Omar Little’s lines at the drop of a hat you terrible, terrible human?) is set to reunite at PaleyFest this year so get excited, everyone that loves The Wire. (Full disclosure: we’ve never watched The Wire AND YES WE KNOW, no need to remind us on all we’re missing out on). [Nerdist]

Olive We Have Is This Moment: It’s a trailer for Olive Kitteridge, you guys! That HBO miniseries based on the novel of the same name, is premiering on Sunday, November 2nd at 9PM, and stars so many people you love, including Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, John Gallagher Jr., Zoe Kazan, and singer Martha Wainwright. So, y’know, watch the thing! It’ll probably be good.

The Odd Couple Gets a Shirley: Aww, Yvette Nicole Brown may have left Community for family reasons, but she’s found a new TV home on The Odd Couple. [TVLine]

WE HAVE TO GO BACK (Again!): It’s inevitable, Carlton Cuse claims. No, not the eventual takeover of the world in the name of the Dharma Initiative (although who knows, anything is truly possible these days, you guys), but rather the return of epic series about a bunch of not-dead people, Lost. You know, that teeny tiny show that nobody really cared about that was on air awhile back? Har har har (we kid, we kid — cool your jetskis, Lost fans). [Nerdist]

James Franco and Seth Rogen are Naked and Afraid, Maybe: What’s not to love about any of this? Except, of course, the possibility that it’s not real, but still! James Franco and Seth Rogen are naked, out in the woods, trying to survive and lots of people are speculating the bromantical duo are shooting an episode of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid and one can only hope. Right?


So — who else cannot wait for the Rogen/Franco episode of Naked and Afraid? Leave your metaphorical raised hand in the comments.


Images: BBC

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