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TV-Cap: A GAME OF THRONES Tease, AGENT CARTER Promo, Plus a Video Ode to DOCTOR WHO’s Missy

It’s the day before the Great Tryptophane Terror of 2014! (Otherwise known as Thanksgiving to the rest of you hangry Americans out there.) And what better way to prepare for the food coma to end all food comas than… by reading about television news, right? Like a ominous and vauge Game of Thrones teaser, a new poster for HBO’s Girls, an exciting look at the next Sherlock installment, an ode to Missy from Doctor Who, plus a wackadoo look at WGN America’s second season of Salem (say that five times fast).

And that doesn’t even include the bangarang promo we’ve got for Agent Carter! So let’s get on with it, shall we?

What Does it All Mean?!: Ominous and vagary alert! A new Game of Thrones thing has hit the web and we have absolutely no idea what it means. (But we did sign up for the Twitter DM alerts, so it worked I guess.) “The Sight” — as these updates are so called — didn’t come without bearing gifts, though: the site — — featured a wee clip of Arya Stark in a situation that we can only describe as (spoiler alert, non-book-readers) as her possibly-maybe realizing the full capabilities of her greenseeing abilities. There’s her, her some more, her coin, and SOME DOORS — presumably from the House of Black and White. Which, naturally, leaves us with SO MANY QUESTIONS and ZERO answers. See for yourself:

Nowhere to Grow But Up: There’s a new poster for the fourth season of HBO’s Girls and it looks like — finally! at long last! — the girls of Lena Dunham’s Brooklyn will be forced to get their ish together, in spectacularly, comedically uncomfortable fashion, no doubt. Because that’s what this show is: a trainwreck of personal awkwardness. Why else would they make Marnie sing so much, right?


Oh Missy You’re So Fine: You’re so fine you blew our minds, HEY MISSY! Yes, that’s right — we, personally, may not have love-loved this season of Doctor Who but we DID love-love-love the ever-loving heck out of Michelle Gomez’s delightfully batshit insane Missy, otherwise known as — spoilers, sweetie! — The Master. Our first female iteration of The Doctor’s greatest adversary on Doctor Who was arguably one of if not THE best take on the Time Lord/Lady that we’ve seen. I mean, she really blew our minds with her insanity. I mean, remember when she sang “Hey Mickey” but swapped out her own name instead? It’s with that in mind we then bring your attention to this bit of adorable fan-made ephemera. HEY MISSY! HEY MISSY!

Supernatural‘s New Witch: Check out Rowena in this new video exclusive to (drumroll!) ——> [TVLine]

Don’t Call Her a Secretary: I mean honestly what in the hell, right? Agent Carter ain’t no secretary, sir, she’s an ass-kicking agent who’s going to save the freaking world, OK? Jeez. No respect! It’s like Rodney Dangerfield always said. Anyway! We probably couldn’t be more excited for the Agents of SHIELD spin-off/limited series if we tried, but maybe you can. Maybe you need a bit more convincing that the Marvel series will be worth your time. If that’s the case then try this fun little promo on for size and see how exponentially your keenness factor grows. Tuesday, January 6th? We’re coming for you.

Another Star Wars Animated Series in the Works?: Maybe! You’ll have to click to find oooout! [Nerdist]

It Takes a Lickin’ to Be a-Witchin’: Whoa there, spooky specters of American history’s past! That’s some mighty insane and camperific tongue-lashing you’re dishing out there in this new promo for what can only be described as a Ryan Murphy-on-acid fever dream. In preparation for the second season of WGN America’s Salem, the network has released a creepy teaser trailer sure to make you go “Wait, what? WHY?” (It’s because there is A WITCH WAR A-BREWIN’! Somebody call Shane West’s wig ASAP.)

So what do YOU think “The Sight” is all about, eh? Let us hear your theories in the comments!

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  1. Kenny says:

    Uh…it’s BRAN that has the Greenseeing, not Arya, if memory serves.

    • Ana says:

      Most of the Stark kids do in the books. Jon, Bran and Arya have “wolf dreams”.

    • bigbad says:

      True. But if the direction they are going is true, and seeing her hold an iron coin, as well as the doors to the Iron Bank, then she will loose her sight, and learn a new way of sight.