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TV-Cap: A GAME OF THRONES Star Kicks Steve-O, Plus Jada Pinkett Smith’s Wild GOTHAM Audition

Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays — and this here TV-Cap has arrived just in time to fix it! Worry yourself no more about those monotonous Monday morning blues, we’ve got an interesting gaggle of television tidbits to wash away the dread of the day. Silly business like Game of Thrones‘ Sansa Stark (rather her real-life alter-ego, Sophie Turner) kicking Steve-O in the no-no bits, Jada Pinkett Smith leashing up a dude for her Gotham audition, and a very cute video featuring Sesame Street and …Rube Goldberg machines!

So dive right in, folks. You’ve earned it!

A Stark Kick: Why start off a column about television with a clip that doesn’t totally have to do with the medium itself? Because we’re renegades, dag nabit. We schew rules (because they are for babies)! Although this one sorta fits on a technicality: it involves two TV stars! Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and Steve-O (Steve-O), to be exact, and the groin-kicking the former administers to the latter. Hey — at least she’ll have something to brag about on the Game of Thrones set? It’s basically like she was on Jackass. Also it’s Monday, you deserve something mindlessly strange:

Speaking of Thrones:Lost actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is slated to join Game of Thrones in season five. [Nerdist]

Marley and TV: Oh my goodness, OK. Listen, Hollywood: this movies-turned-TV thing has to stop. First it was About A Boy. Then it was 12 Monkeys, The Mortal Instruments, Monster-in-Law, School of Rock, and The Illusionist all getting the small screen treatment. AND NOW WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH A POTENTIAL MARLEY AND ME SERIES?! No, guys. No. I mean the ferocity with which all of y’all grabbed onto this very dumb, stupid, hateable trend is impressive, to be sure, but no less hackneyed in its execution and general premise. And on top of that it’s also the worst thing ever because OH MY LORD there are so many better things you could be taking chances on! Dead dogs is not one of them, NBC! Why can’t we try to be creative? Take a chance on something, oh I don’t know, new and original? Why does it always have to be about “pre-existing audiences” and “built-in fanbases”? Why can’t we try to create something new?! Oh, because you’re all a bunch of terrified babies who want nothing more than to follow trends in order to guarantee the chance of making money? STAHP VERDAMNIT JUST STAAAAAAHP! Take chances! Do something worthy with your lives, why don’tcha? Make your platform something exciting again! Don’t go the ol’ movie road of sequel-ing and rebooting everything to death. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS, TV. Just because Breaking Bad is gone doesn’t mean we can’t all continue to strive for excellence. [Deadline]

Feeling Like a Fish on a Leash: Wait, no, strike that. Other way around — Fish Mooney wasn’t the one all leashed up, no no; Jada Pinkett Smith’s Gotham character got her real-life counterpart thanks to the rogue dude on a leash she brought to the audition. Yeah, apparently that’s how Smith won the role, by rolling up and performing while holding a guy on a leash. Smith scrawled “LIAR” across this shirtless man’s forehead in lipstick. “I said, ‘Forget it, instead of talking about who Fish Mooney is, let me just show you,'” stated Pinkett Smith. “I went method.” Now if that doesn’t project a “bawse you should be wary to f_ck with” vibe I don’t know what does. Sheesh. [Vulture]

Did Doctor Who Flatline?: Read Kyle’s recap/review and find out! [Nerdist]

Not So On-Cue: David Letterman fired his Late Show cue card guy of 21 years over the weekend after he got into actual fisticuffs with a writer over a perceived slight. [Deadline]

Less is Mulaney: Oh poor John Mulaney. The very funny fella and his not-as-funny show, Mulaney, have gotten their already curious order number — 16 — cut down to 13 after its continued disappointing ratings and reception. The series just shot its 13th and was about to get started on producing the 14th, instead all the cast got was an all-but-guarantee that their show will be cancelled. [LA Times]

Sesame Goldberg: Sesame Street — never change. This video of Murray and Ovejita learning about Rube Goldberg machines is the cutest. Aww! [Laughing Squid]

And Finally…: These limited edition Breaking Bad Blu-ray covers are S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. Do want yes please: [Nerdist]

So — what would you have done to win the role of Fish Mooney? Let us hear your crazy in the comments!

Image: HBO

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  1. I. Shoodby Gradingpapers says:

    “David Letterman fired his Late Show cue card guy of 21 years over the weekend after he got into actual fisticuffs with a writer over a perceived slight.”  This is a confusing sentence.  Who got into fisticuffs?  Ambiguous antecedent.