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Yeah, you read that last bit of the headline right. Hello and welcome to Tuesday, TV-Cappers! You awake yet? With the madness of Monday behind us, we look forward to today — when a whole new batch of tidbits and things to know pop up into the world and hit Internet screens everywhere, causing a veritable smorgas-storm of things to know — and more than a few things you may have missed. Like that aforementioned o-face business. Who says TV can’t be saucy, eh?

So while you get ready to start your workday allow us to clue you in on everything you may have missed in the flurry of de-funking yourself from a case o’ the Mondays.

A Boardwalker Heads to Agent Carter: At last, Agent Carter has a boss. SSR Chief Roger Dooley has been cast and the role has gone to Boardwalk Empire star Shea Whigham. [Deadline]

They Say It’s Your Birthday: There were a LOT of TV birthdays this week. Take a look at Merrill’s list: [Nerdist]

A Sarah Jones Walk-a-Thon: The cast and crew behind The CW’s Vampire Diaries and The Originals have oannounced — on what would have been her 28th birthday ‚ a Walk-A-Thon to honor their lost friend and colleague. Scheduled for next month in Atlanta, GA, all proceeds from the 5K will benefit the Sarah Jones Film Foundation, which was created by her parents Richard and Elizabeth Jones in order to bring attention to safety issues across the entertainment industry, which also led to Jones’ tragic death. [Deadline]

New Manhattan Promo: As the show nears its first season end, may we offer another promotional bit of goodness to convince you to watch Manhattan? Try this one on for size and catch up on the dang show, already. You’re on the Internet you have no excuse — the show’s on Hulu and figuring out what channel number WGN America is at is just a quick Google search away. Watch good TV, please.

Notes on a Scandal: Remember that time the New York Times allowed the publication of a terribly offensive and tone-deaf profile on Shonda Rhimes and it was terrible? Well they’re apologizing for that and explaining themselves if you want to read it. [New York Times]

I Wanna Sex You Up: I could probably write an entire story about how badass the sex scene from Outlander‘s “The Wedding” episode (it was totally the female gaze when he came! WHO EVER SEES THAT ON TV IN SEX SCENES, EH?!) but how about instead of using words you just take a look at Jamie’s sex faces as documented by total TV humanitarian Margaret Lyons, eh? [Vulture]

SNL Fun: Considering the hullabaloo over the possible Kenan Thompson exit from Saturday Night Live, why not look at the season-to-season turnover in this very cool, very handy interactive thing that EW has cooked up, eh? It’s seriously pretty great. And SO informative! [Entertainment Weekly]

Can We Get an Amen?: Here’s 10 more precious, beautiful seconds from the very much anticipated first season of Better Call Saul. I’ll give you the “amen,” but can we also maybe get the show already I MEAN JEEZ I’M JUST SO IMPATIENT: [UPROXX]

Interview With a Penguin: Our own Rachael Berkey interviewed Gotham‘s Robin Lord Taylor. Go READ IT, PLEASE: [Nerdist]

A Fairy Life’s For Me: Amy did a round-up of every fairy tale character on ABC’s Once Upon a Time so go do the clickity-thing over there right meow: [Nerdist]

What other fairy tale characters would you like to see on OUAT? Let us know in the comments.

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Comic Book Club: Langston Belton


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